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 Dark Wars.

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Dark Wars. Empty
PostSubject: Dark Wars.   Dark Wars. EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 8:27 pm

Dark Wars

Series Theme - Into The Night - Disturbed -

Chapter 1: The Hunters.

It’s a cold rainy night, street lights duly lights up the empty roads as all the falling water quickly disappears into the drains. We look closer, focusing on a male person of about 5 feet, 6 inches in height. This person walks down the rainy street, he is dressed in black pants, a long black coat, and wears a black hood, preventing us from see him. The person looks around as he walks, looking nervous, he steps into a bar and sets down in a dark corner. Outside we here a female voice speak as we see a dark slim figure.

Voice: Just as planned, he’s all yours guy’s.

Inside the bar we look around, the place is full of drunks and somewhat creepy looking people. From across the bar, this big man slowly stands up from his table. This man towers at 8 feet, 6 inches tall, he is also a strong looking person. He has dark green eye pupils and short army style cut black hair. This man also has dark skin and wears a greenish color coat and green/black pants. As this man stands he reaches down beside him, grabbing two large guns and strapping them to his back.

???: You ready Shooter?

We look to see a small speaker in this mans left ear, from which a voice reply's.

Shooter: Ready if you are Bear.
Bear: Good, be ready.

The large man, now know as Bear, starts walking over to the guy dressed in black. As we check back in with the mystery man, we see he is still on edge, looking around. From this guy’s view point, we see Bear approach, pushing drunks of his way as he approaches.

Man: Fuck, they found me.

The man run, stumbling out of his chair and runs for the exit. Just as the man is about to open the door, load bangs are heard and the man slams into the door, before falling to the ground. From behind approaches a white male standing at 5 foot, 8 inches. He has brown short-medium spiky hair and brown eyes, he wears a black T-shirt, black pants and black boots along with black combat gloves on his hands. Also wears a long black vest, and holds a pistol in each hand.

Guy: I got him Bear.
Bears voice: *from a small speaker in Shooters left ear* Good work Shooter.

Shooter smirks as he steps up to the dead person on the floor, as he approaches we see a silver looking liquid flowing from the bullet wounds.

Shooter: It’s getting all to easy with these new bullets. Where dropping vampires like flies. *smirks*
Female voice: Don’t get cocky Shooter, it’ll get you killed.
Shooter: Right, sorry Kari.
Bear: Where to next?

We see Bear casually walk up to the other 2.

Kari: We should head a few blocks down and check on the others.
Shooter: *nod*.

Elsewhere we see a average height (5 foot, 7 inches to be exact) man wearing black jeans and a black/red windbreaker. This man is bent down on his left knee, and seen connecting a extremely thin wire to a small black metal box, hidden in a dark corner, before long this guy hears gunshots from the street. This man runs the wire across the alley, jumps over the wire, and takes shelter a little way’s down.

???: Billy, he’s all yours, just lead him down the alley. BBQ Vampire.

Out on the street, we see Billy ducked behind a trash can. Billy is about 5 foot 5 and has messy brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears an oversized black hoddie with a skull on the back, baggy black pants, and black sneakers. Billy takes cover as bullets spring off the corners of the metal trash can, creating sparks on contact. Billy quickly put’s away his scooped 9mm pistol and quickly pulls out two silenced sub-machine guns. At the first break Billy starts to return fire quickly forcing the vampire back and into the dark alley. Billy pursuits the vampire, forcing him back further until finally he reaches the wire. Unknown to him, the vampire steps on the wire and BOOM, a large explosion occurs and smoke fill the alley.

Billy: *cough* *cough* Damnit Scot.
Scot: *cough* Maybe, *cough* to much.
Billy: *cough* You think. *cough*
Scot: *cough* Hehe.

As the smoke clears, the two get to see what’s left of the vampire.

Billy: Talk about overkill.

All that remains are tiny chunks of flesh and bone splattered all over the alley walls and the ground. The two begin to walk out the alley when they turn around in surprise to the sound of a attacking vampire. Billy reaches for a gun when suddenly a shot is fired and the vampire is shot directly in the forehead. The two turn around to see a lady who is 5 foot 7 inches tall and has a slim build. Her hair is a little past shoulder length and black with blue streaks. Her eye pupil's are blue, and she wears a all in one black suit with blue armor plates on the shoulders, knees, and a more flexible armor on the upper body. Her shoes are black and she wear's black fingerless gloves, also has weapon's on her, the first is a chain with a blade at the end, the blade part hangs down from her left waist and the chain comes up over her right shoulder and back down. The second is a sword which is connected to the right side of her waist. As we look closer we see Shooter and Bear behind her.

Billy: Nice save.
Kari: No prob, just remember that vampires are not always alone.

Kari tosses the gun back to Shooter who grab’s it and put’s it away

Scot: Hey, I didn’t know you could use gun’s Kari.
Bear: You still got a lot to learn kid.
Kari: Just cause I prefer close combat, don’t mean I can’t operate a firearm at need be.
Billy: So where to next?
Kari: Vampire has been causing trouble in a town just north of here.
Scot: Back on the road?
Kari: Let’s go.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Dark Wars. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dark Wars.   Dark Wars. EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 10:39 pm

Chapter 2: Slafter, a highly ranked vampire.

We start off in a rainy night outside a large building, there are many people standing outside trying to get in, but can’t get past the 2 guards at the entrance. Inside is a party, people dancing and drinking a red drink from large gold cups. Load techno music plays, providing a heavy beat that the crowd dances to. Shortly after, 2 vampires comes in, pushing a human ahead of them. The guy getting pushed is about 5 foot 2, with just a average build. The 2 vampires are slightly taller, and has a more defined build. The vampires push the guy through the crowd, over near the bar. The frightened man begs for his life.

Man: *teary eyed* Please.... don’t.
Vampire 1: Don’t worry, it’ll be over before you know it.
Vampire 2: Your existence is useless anyway, at least know you’ll be feeding a superior species. *evil grin*

The first vampire opens a large chamber, forcing the man inside before closing the door a gin. Load, painful screams are heard for a few seconds before dying. A few seconds after, we see blood running up a thin tube and into a large tank.

Bartender: Fresh blood, get your fresh blood over here.

A line of thirsty vampires quickly line up for a drink. Meanwhile we see the group of vampire hunters walking up the rainy, dark road.

Scot: Aw, why don’t we drive instead of walking?
Kari: You wanna die.
Scot: Huh?
Bear: Driving is to dangerous for people in our kind of work.
Kari: A car is like a coffin to us.
Bear: It could be rigged by the vampires to explode, could be shot in the gas tank, agin causing in explosion.
Kari: Hitting hidden spikes at high speed could cause a lose of control. Also, if we are attacked, we are in a sitting position, at a disadvantage.
Shooter: Not to mention that usually a vampires first move is busting out the windshield, all that flying glass in our face doesn’t help.
Scot: Wow, I didn’t realise there was so much danger.
Kari: Well you where only with us a week so far, so there is a lot to learn.
Scot: So how about travelling across oceans.
Billy: Boat, a plane is just signing your own death warrant.

The group continues walking until Kari gives a hand signal to stop.

Scot: What?
Shooter: Where being watched.

The group stands their ground, readying to attack. Suddenly Scot is knocked off his feet, the group quickly turns to see a vampire on top of him, Shooter and Billy readies their firearms, on the click of loading guns, the vampire quickly jumps off Scot and faces the group. This vampire has short silver hair and purple eyes, dresses entirely in black, consisting of somewhat loose pants, a plain tank top, and a light jacket. He keeps his shurikens on his belt, perhaps the only thing that's tightly attached to him. He stands at 5 foot 6 and looks ready for combat.

Vampire: So you’re the group that has been causing trouble for us.
Kari: Yah, and your our next target.
Vampire: Oh I’m scared.
Kari: Well you should be, vampire.
Vampire: Oh really, I think not.

The vampire rushes over at surprising speed punching Kari in the stomach, just after punching he quickly throws 3 small shurikens towards the group, making them all duck to the side. While the vampire is focussed on the group Kari quickly recovers herself, and makes a upward slice with her sword, which the vampire dodges by back flipping out of the way just on time.

Kari: Err, your no regular vampire are you.
Vampire: *smiles* No, I’m Slafter, one of the highest ranked vampires there are.
Kari: Then you know where to find the lead vampire, correct.
Slafter: Hmhmhm, indeed I do. Though you’ll never know that information.
Kari: We’ll see.

Kari engages in close combat making quick slashes with her sword, though it seems useless as Slafter is to quick, avoiding the slashes without much trouble. Slafter makes a high jump into the air, Kari is surprised for a quick second with the unexpected move, but quickly reacts by throwing her sword up in his direction. Slafter shifts his body, and the sword misses, then soon drops and sticks into the ground some 10 to 12 feet away. As Slafter drops towards Kari, she rolls out of the way, quickly getting into a fighting stance. Just as Slafter touches the ground a gunshot is heard, the bullet hits Slafter in the arm.

Slafter: Oh, your dead no... *looks at the bullet wound* What the, silver bullets? Looks like you guys has got lucky this time. More important business has come up.

Slafter throws more shurikens, and in the split second it took for the group to avoid the shurikens, Slafter had disappeared into the darkness.

Shooter: Damn, he’s gone.
Kari: But why?
Shooter: I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough.
Kari: True. Though vampires at his level are gonna be trouble.
Shooter: Big time.
Kari: Bear, hows the kid.

We see Bear standing with Scot, who appears ok.

Bear: Kids fine, no bite marks.
Kari: Good, at least we don’t have to kill him.
Scot: Kill!!!
Kari: Another risk we all take kid, if where bitten, another member of the team will kill the one bitten.
Billy: There is no cure for vampire bits, so once your bitten, you become those things.. You might last a day or so, but you will change.

Kari walks over and pulls her sword out of the ground.

Kari: No point hanging around here, lets move on.

With that the group continues on.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Dark Wars. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dark Wars.   Dark Wars. EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 10:41 pm

Chapter 3: The Big Boss.

A few hours pass since the battle with Slafter, we see the group approach a town. The weather is still dark and rainy.

Kari: The town of Island Cove.
Bear: Is this the spot?
Kari: No, but I think we’ll spend the night here and continue in the morning.
Shooter: Why not continue on.
Kari: Think about it, when was the last time we rested, a good 2 or 3 day’s ago. Despite a tough man act some of you put on, where all tired. It’s better to stop now and rest before we start to screw up.
Billy: *slaps Scot across the back of the head* Scotty here already screwed up once.
Scot: Ow *rubs head* Ok, I planted to much explosives, Christ.
Billy: Brighten up kid, you could of killed me back there you know.
Kari: Come, let’s find a hotel.

Meanwhile, back at the vampire club, we check in a dark room. Outside the door knocks are suddenly heard.

???: Come in.

The door slowly opens, and Slafter walks in, the bullet still in his arm.

???: Ah Slafter, I take it everything went smooth.
Slafter: Well... Not really.
???: WHAT!!! Slafter, if you say you where defeated by a group of humans.
Slafter: No, of course not.
???: Then they are dead.
Slafter: Well, no Xion sir.
Xion: Are you saying YOU LET THEM LIVE. *Xion fist slams the table making a hole in it.*
Slafter: *gulp* B-but I have something you should see.

A figure walks out of the shadows, slowly becoming visible. As we get to see him, we see a man of almost 6 feet with a strong build. This guy has slick black hair and red eyes, also wears a black suit with gold accessories.

Xion: It had better be good.
Slafter: It’s here. *points to bullet wound*

Xion uses one hand and grabs Slafter by the throat, pinning him against the wall. Xion then uses his free hand to get the bullet, digging it out of Slafter are with his fingernails. Slafter is in great pain, but only makes a painful grunting noise. Xion gets the bullet and releases Slafter, who falls to the floor rubbing his throat.

Xion: Interesting. Bullets that releases silver into their target, and the humans had these.
Slafter: *getting up* Yes, at least that group did.
Xion: Well now, this is a nasty little treat for any non-expecting vampire isn’t it.
Slafter: Yes, weaker ones will probably die of only 2 or 3 shots of these things.
Xion: Well we can’t have that can we. Slafter, find these humans, and this time, make sure you kill them.
Slafter: Yes sir.
Xion: Oh, and Slafter. Don’t fail, got it.
Slafter: *gulp* Y-yes.
Xion: Now go.

Slafter exists, closing the door behind him. Xion looks at the blood on his finger tips, Xion licks the blood then proceeds to walk back to the dark end of the room.

Xion: Better get these humans out of the way, if the half breeds somehow got a hold of ammo such as this, we could be in real trouble.

Outside we see Slafter standing in the rain.

Slafter: Great, I got to track down those pricks agin. I guess I’ll start in the location of our last encounter and follow the direction they where heading.

Meanwhile back at the Island Cove hotel, the group has their rooms ordered, we check in with Kari who is in a bathroom undressing. Outside.

Scot: Hey guy’s I’m gonna take a leak.

Scot starts running towards the bathroom. Shooter try’s to warn Scot to stop but it’s to late as Scot burst in through the bathroom door. There is a shot pause when we hear the sounds of punches, scot then is seen stumbling back and hits the wall on the other side of the hallway. Scot has a number of bruises and a bloody nose as the bathroom door slams shut a gin.

Shooter: I tried to warn ya.
Scot: Owwww.
Shooter: Count this as a great lessen, don’t ever burst into the bathroom on a lady.
Bear: Especially one that can kick your ass.
Scot: I’ll... remember that.

Scot starts to make his way out to the others, where he’s handed a paper towel for his bloody nose.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Wars.   Dark Wars. EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 10:45 pm

Chapter 4: The Trap.

A day has passed, we see the hunters readying there gear as the sun starts to fade.

Shooter: Ah, that was great.
Scot: Man I slept like a rock all day.
Bear: And most of last night.
Scot: I’m surprised that vampire didn’t return.
Kari: It was only a few hours to sunrise, he would have been retarded to track down our new location and try to kill us all in that amount of time.
Bear: You think he’s after us.
Kari: Yes, and I have a feeling we won’t get off so easy the next time around.

As the minutes pass, the sky slowly darkens and night takes over once agin. The group moves out, continuing up the road. Some distance down the highway, Slafter has agin reached the spot where he first encountered the group, he is about to head up the road on foot when a bright light shines coming towards him. It nears as the noise of a engine gets loader.

Slafter: What luck.

Salfter stands in the middle of the road, stopping the oncoming motorcycle.

Driver: Hey idiot, what do you think your doing.

Slafter walks up to the motorcycle with a sadistic smile, the camera then zooms away, showing the night sky as screams are heard on the ground. Focussing back in we see Slafter on the bike, he burns the rear tire and spins the bike around driving quickly up the road. It’s only a short while until Slafter reaches the town that the group hasn’t long left. Quickly locating the local hotel, Slafter smiles evilly. Inside.

Doorman: Quite night huh.
Manager: Yep.

Suddenly the 2 hears a load noise, they look out the big glass doors and see a bright light heading towards them. They barely has time to cover their faces when the motorcycle burst through the glass, hitting the doorman and sending shards of flying glass everywhere. Slafter causally walks in, smiling at the dead doorman as he walks over to the manager.

Slafter: A group of armed people spent all yesterday here, correct?
Manager: *frightened* Y-y-y-yes.
Slafter: Where are they?
Manager: Their not here, they left.
Slafter: *angered* Where?
Manager: I don’t know, they didn’t say.
Slafter: *still angered* What way?
Manager: *points* T-that way.
Slafter: There is only one place they could be headed then. I’ll just take a little shortcut.
Slafter: Oh, one more thing.

Slafter jumps onto the managers chest, landing in a crouch-like sitting position as they fall over. After a moment, Slafter violently bites down on the managers throat and abruptly stands up, ripping his head off in the process. Slafter drops the head, a huge pool of blood forms on the floor as Slafter looks satisfied.

Slafter: You had to die.

Slafter quickly leaves, when police finally arrived all they seen was destruction. An hour later the group of hunters reaches the next town.

Kari: This is it.
Bear: This is the town with the vampire problem.
Shooter: Say, do you guy’s have a funny feeling, as something’s not right?
Bear: *grin* Losing your nerve.
Shooter: No, but something is telling me where in trouble.
Kari: If trouble is waiting, we’ll find out soon enough.

The group start to enter the town, after walking about half way in, they spot a dark figure enter a alley at high speed. Kari signals for Billy, Bear, and Scot to head around, blocking the exist. Kari and Shooter follows what they suspect to be a vampire. Kari and Shooter run over to the alley, they peak in then actually enters the alley. The alley is rather wide, and very long. Kari and Shooter walks slowly, watching for an incoming attack. Meanwhile, just reaching the other end, Bear unstraps his sniper rifle from his back and the 3 slowly begin to move through the alley. They get 30 feet in when Billy taps Bear shoulder, pointing to a figure high on a ledge.

Bear: There he is.

As Bear, Billy, and Scot keeps their eyes on the dark figure, they slowly move forward. Just as Bear is about to take aim, a piece of concrete drops from the right alley wall.

Bear: It’s a trap, go back, slowly.

Billy and Scot slowly steps back, Bear readies to aim, he bends down on one knee for better support, but doesn’t realise his knee pushes down on a wire. Suddenly, the alley walls start to crack and give way. The alley gives way in 2 places, behind and in front, trapping the 3 in a huge, deep pit. Not to far away at this point, Kari and Shooter seen the walls give out and started running over to see if everyone is alright. The 2 spot a wire and jumps it as they run, but they stops dead in their tracks when a shuriken misses Kari by mere inches. They then hear footsteps behind them, they look back to see Slafter standing beside the wire they jumped over. Slafter grins and stomps on the wire, making the alley behind Slafter give way.

Slafter: 2 vs 1, this shouldn’t be hard.
Shooter: Err, what do you want with us?

Slafter: I want your lives.
Shooter: *pulls out 2 pistols* I see.
Kari: I do have one question, how did you set up all this so quick?
Slafter: We vampires has traps set up everywhere, when we need them, all we got to do is run the wires. This alley was rigged, oh, about 60 years ago. Now, lets do this.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Dark Wars. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dark Wars.   Dark Wars. EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 10:48 pm

Chapter 5: Slafter Attacks.

We see Slafter grinning as Shooter and Kari stand on guard, there is nothing but silence until Shooter makes the first move and fires at Slafter. Slafter was ready for it however and ducked to the side, he then quickly ran in a zigzag pattern towards Shooter, hitting him in the chest and sending him sliding on his back over the ground.

Kari: O_o, Damn this is bad.

Kari throws a punch which Slafter ducks under, Slafter then comes up with a punch to Kari chin followed with a spin kick knocking her back as well. Slafter runs up and uses his left hand to grab Kari by the throat, he lift her off her feet while slowly tightening his hold making Kari gasp for air. Slafter then hears a gun being loaded and looks back to see Shooter aiming his shotgun at him.

Shooter: You best put her down, bloodsucker.
Slafter: Hmhmhm, as you wish.

Slafter throws Kari overhead and she lands on the ground rolling to Shooters feet. In the spilt second that Shooter took to see if Kari was still breathing, Slafter quickly runs over kneeing Shooter in the gut. Shooter bends over from the blow and Slafter slams him in the back knocking him to the ground. Both Shooter and Kari lie on the ground as Slafter looks satisfied.

Slafter: I wonder if the other 3 will be this easy.

After a short pause Kari starts coughing before starting to push herself up.

Slafter: Well, look who’s still alive.
Kari: *pulling out her sword as she stands* I’ll make sure your dead, no matter what the cost.
Slafter: Oh really now *looks down and grins*

Slafter bends down and grabs a sword he seen strapped to Shooters back. He shows off with the sword, twirling it around before grabbing a good hold of it.

Slafter: So you like swords I see, then I think it’s only fitting you die by one.
Kari: Bring it.

Meanwhile trapped in the other pit, we see that Billy, Bear, and Scot are all alright.

Bear: Damn it, sounds like their in trouble.
Scot: It’s there any way to climb out of here?
Billy: If there was, we’d already be climbing.
Bear: True. The walls that are still standing are straight 90 degree smooth walls.
Billy: And the stuff that fell, fell in such a way it’s leaning inward. We need a god darn rope or something to get out of here.

Back at the battle we see Kari stumble back, but managing to regain her balance.

Slafter: You know, usually I dislike weaponry, but this sword is quite impressive and easy to use.
Kari: *angered* Shut up.

Kari runs in and makes a full force downward slash, but Slafter blocks with Shooters sword only using 1 hand. Slafter pushes up quickly throwing Kari sword out of her hands, the sword flips around in the air and lands several feet behind her. Slafter suddenly spins the sword around hitting Kari in the chest with the handle, stunning her. Slafter then throws the sword towards Shooter who we see getting up. Shooter see’s the sword and moves right on time to miss a fatal hit, through the sword still creates a small cut on Shooters arm as it passes and sticks into the wall.

Slafter: I didn’t think you had time to dodge.
Shooter: I’ve always been quick by human standards.
Slafter: Lucky you.
Shooter: Saved my ass a few times.

Shooter and Slafter charges at each other, though being far stronger and faster, Slafter effortlessly overtakes Shooter and knocks him over after ramming into him. Slafter stands over Shooter, grinning when he hears a clicking sound.

Slafter: Why do you even bother.

Slafter ducks while spinning around and sweeps Kari off her feet. He then picks up Kari and throws her over against the wall, she hits her head hard and falls to the ground knocked out. Slafter then walks over and pulls Shooters sword out of the wall, then points it at the unconscious Kari.

Slafter: Now, you die.

Just as Slafter was going to make the final strike a gun fires and a powerful shot hit’s Slafter in the back. As Slafter turns around he is shot 3 more times. Once in the chest, then the left shoulder, then his right arm. Slafter stands, looking to be in great pain, looking for the shooter. Then from the darkness a female figure appears as she walks towards Slafter, reloading a shotgun as she walks. This girl is about 5 foot 4 inches tall, has shoulder length silver hair, and mismatched eyes (one purple and one blue). She wears a dark blue sports bra, black jeans, a brown leather jacket, and white shoes.

Slafter: *angered* Lazuli.
Lazuli: *serious* Why are you after these humans Slafter? Why did Xion send someone of your level?

Then Slafter hears another gun being loaded, and see Shooter pointing his shotgun at Slafter as well.

Slafter: Fuck. Err, the next time we meet sis, I’ll tear you limb from limb.

With that Slafter jumps, then uses the wall to jump agin and retreats from battle, disappearing into the darkness. Meanwhile in the pit, Shooter now puts his aim at Lazuli, she responds by aiming at Shooter as well.

Shooter: Why did you help us vampire?
Lazuli: You can put the gun down. If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead by now.
Shooter: WHY!!!
Lazuli: Very well, I want to know why Slafter was after you. It’s not normal for someone of his rank to be sent on a mission to kill humans.
Shooter: Why are you trying to gather information on your own kind.
Lazuli: There is a war going on, something you humans have no idea about.
Shooter: War?
Lazuli: Yes, between full bloods like Slafter, and half bloods, like me.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Dark Wars. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dark Wars.   Dark Wars. EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 10:53 pm

Chapter 6: New Allies.

We start off with Shooter and Lazuli still with the guns pointed at each other, both with a perfect head shot.

Lazuli: Just put it down boy, we half-breeds have no desire to kill your kind.

They continue to keep there aim when Shooter slowly lowers his weapon, Lazuli lowers her weapon as well, putting it in a holster on her back. Shooter does the same. Lazuli smiles then jumps, kicks herself off the wall and jumps agin to the top of the pit, she then throws down a rope and jumps back down.

Lazuli: Climb up there.
Shooter: What about Kari?
Lazuli: I’ll take care of her.
Shooter: *serious stare*
Lazuli: *sigh*, Meaning I’ll carry her. Stop worrying already, I’m not gonna bite.
Shooter: You better not.

We skip ahead of time a little and checks back in just as Scot is the last person climbing out of the second trap.

Lazuli: Come with me.
Scot: Huh?
Bear: What?
Billy: You serious?
Shooter: Where?
Lazuli: I’m taking you to meet out leader.
Billy: You must be joking.
Scot: No thanks.
Bear: To get ambushed, like hell.
Lazuli: Ok, but I’m taking the girl.
Shooter: Let’s go.
Billy: Are you losing it, she’s a bloody vampire.
Lazuli: Half.
Billy: Whatever!
Shooter: Lazuli, what would happen if you missed Slafter and he attacked you.
Lazuli: You might all be dead right now.
Shooter: So Slafter is stronger then you?
Lazuli: Possibly. We’ve by change never engaged in combat, but likely he is stronger 1 on 1.
Shooter: I don’t know about you guy’s, but I don’t see her going into a high risk situation and saving us just to drink our blood.
Lazuli: Now let’s hurry before Slafter returns.

Lazuli put’s Kari over her shoulder and she leads the group away. Meanwhile we see Slafter in another alley, his wounds quickly healing.

Slafter: What the hell was she doing there. Err, you better watch your back sister. I hated you since birth, and this little stunt you just pulled, your fucking dead the next time I see you.

A half hour later the group is seen outside a bar, they walk in and heads through a hidden door at the back leading downstairs. After walking down a long flight of stairs, they go through another door leading to this huge underground facility.

Scot: So this is where vampires hides out.
Lazuli: This is where we go, usually full blooded vampires prefers clubs and are partying all the time. We like to be more calm and organised.

They continue walking, before entering a large lit up room.

Lazuli: Daje, you here?
Daje: Right here.

Everyone turns around to see a female half-vampire standing at about 5 foot 3. She wears a dark grey "Matrix" coat, a red halter top, green cargo pants, and black boots. Her hair is cut short and is green, and she also has mismatched eye pupils, 1 red and 1 green.

Daje: What do I own the honor of our guest.
Lazuli: These vampire hunters where attacked by Slafter.
Daje: Slafter, that’s weird. Vampires usually won’t send their best men after humans. Tell me, do you know why they might want you dead for?
Shooter: Don’t know. We’ve been killing a lot of vampires lately, maybe their pissed.
Daje: I doubt it, vampires die every day by the hands of slayers. Though since vampires far outnumber slayers, it doesn’t matter to them either way. No, if they are sending their top men after you, they want something.

While everyone is thinking, Lazuli lay’s Kari down in a chair.

Shooter: Wait a sec, we encountered Slafter once before, just last night to be exact. He was fighting Kari and I manage to shoot him in the arm, when I did, he retreated from battle.
Lazuli: Retreated from battle, cause of a shot to the arm.
Shooter: Yes, with a small firearm.
Lazuli: Only about 40 or 50 minutes ago I shot him 3 times with a shotgun, and I say the wounds are already healed. Why would he back down with a shot to the arm?
Daje: Let’s look at the ammo you are using.

Shooter pulls out a extra bullet, and gives it to Lazuli who looks and passes it over to Daje.

Lazuli: Looks normal.
Shooter: Except these bullets injects the person being shot with silver.
Lazuli: Silver?
Shooter: Yes.
Daje: Then it becomes clear. When you first shot Slafter with this, he must have retreated to show Xion. Seeing this ammo as a threat, more so if it got in our hands, Xion must have ordered Slafter to kill you.
Lazuli: Luckily I was merely passing by when I heard what was happening.
Daje: How did you get these?
Shooter: We made them. So who is this Xion person?
Daje: Someone far worse then Slafter himself. Whatever you do, stay clear of him at all cost. Look, Slafter will be looking for you, why not spend the night here?
Shooter: Um... sure.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 7: History’s revealed.

It’s early morning and we see Shooter waking from his sleep.

Voice: About time you woke up.
Shooter: Hey, your awake.

Shooter sees Kari standing in the doorway.

Shooter: How’s your head, Slafter gave you quite a hit.
Kari: Nothing life threatening, through it’ll probably sting for a few days.

Shooter and Kari walks out, meeting up with Bear, Scot, and Billy. A few seconds later Daje and Lazuli walks up. After welcoming one another they head into Daje room once a gin.

Kari: So Lazuli, I hear you’re the one who came to our aid.
Lazuli: Yes, your extremely lucky. Any later and you’d be dead.
Shooter: A few questions.
Lazuli: Go ahead.
Shooter: First, Slafter referred to you as sis?
Lazuli: Yes, Slafter is my older brother.
Shooter: Then...
Lazuli: Slafter is evil. When I was born, Slafter was enraged that mother had relations with a human. He killed her right after she gave birth. He would of killed me to if not for Kimarous.
Kari: Who’s that?
Lazuli: Slafter younger brother. I’m the youngest of the 3 children. Anyway, Kimarous raised me, and when I got old enough he introduced me to this enclave. He then left to follow his own path. Although, despite him also being pure blood, the vampires considers him a traitor, and will order him killed on sight.
Shooter: Man, I had no idea vampires could have such hard lives.
Daje: Yes, where not all blood thirsty killers like where made out to be.
Shooter: So what’s this war you are always referring to?

Lazuli stands up, slowly walking to the other side of the room.

Lazuli: This war is hell on Earth. The vampires hates the half breeds with a passion, and will kill any of us that get’s in their way. Some hates the thought of “tainted” blood, while others are jealous of our ability to survive sunlight. Usually we move around in the day, staying away from subways or dark areas.
Shooter: Then why was you out last night?
Lazuli: Daje heard Slafter was sneaking around and sent me to see what he was up to. I followed him for a while, but lost him. I was returning here when I came across your fight. If you don’t mind, I’m wondering something myself.
Shooter: What?
Lazuli: Well, most people fear vampires, what makes you people want to track them down.
Kari: Could be a number of things. Hatred is usually the main cause.
Lazuli: Hatred.
Kari: Yes, I’ve hated vampires since I was a young girl. Both my parents where killed right in front of my eyes. Father was ripped in half, and mother, gives me chills thinking about what they did to her.
Bear: I shear a similar past. I was in the army once, one day when I returned home, everything was destroyed and my family was dead. I quit the army, hooking up with Kari's group not long after.
Shooter: I started as a police offer then moved up to being a Special-ops soldier in the army. Though I felt that my skills could be put to better use. So I gave it all up, and after a while, hooked up with these guy’s hunting vampires.
Billy: I’ve just never liked anything supernatural.
Lazuli: Why?
Kari: Don’t bother, that’s all he’ll tell you.

Meanwhile, we see Xion not looking to pleased.

Xion: You failed me yet agin Slafter.
Slafter: How the hell was I suppose to know Lazuli would show up.
Xion: It sound have taken a matter of minutes to kill them humans, but knowing you, you decided to screw around.
Slafter: Bu...
Xion: Quite. This is your last change, fail me this time, and I’ll kill you myself. Now find them humans agin, and kill them. And incase of any more interference, take Fraid with you. Now get out of my sight.
Slafter: Yes sir.

Slafter leaves Xion room.

The day passes and night starts to fall once a gin. Back at Daje faction.

Daje: You sure you want to do this?
Kari: We thank you for your help, but people still depend on us doing what we’re doing.
Daje: With Slafter after you I’d suggest to stick to daylight.
Shooter: Sorry, but that’s not who we are.
Billy: Hiding just isn’t our thing.
Daje: Well, if you feel you must. Lazuli, would you be so kind as to escort our guest safely out of town.
Lazuli: No problem.

Lazuli leaves with the group. They make their way safely out to the end of town.

Lazuli: Well, I guess this is it.
Voice from behind: Yes it is. It’s your time to die.
Lazuli: Salfter, what a surprise.

Shooter, Bear, and Billy all ready a firearm.

Voice from behind hunters: Slafter is the least of your problems, humans.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 8: Brother vs Sister.

Lazuli: Well, I guess this is it.
Voice from behind: Yes it is. It’s your time to die.
Lazuli: Salfter, what a surprise.

Shooter, Bear, and Billy all ready a firearm.

Voice from behind hunters: Slafter is the least of your problems, humans.

The group turns towards the voice to see to see a young person who looks no older then 12. He wears a black zippered robe with a hood, and had the hood left down. He has short brown hair and red eye pupils.

Lazuli: Fraid. Weird seeing you here.
Fraid: Well, I was told it was a easy mission.
Scot: So we got to battle a kid.
Fraid: *grins* Such a foolish human.
Lazuli: Don’t let his appearance deceive you. Fraid is almost 600 years old, and knows a thing or two about fighting. You’d be mistaken to think of him as a easy opponent.
Slafter: Enough talk.

Slafter grabs Lazuli wist with both hand and flips her overhead, Lazuli lands on her hands and feet about 4 feet back. She quickly runs in and tackles Slafter knocking him down, but Slafter quickly responds by using both feet to kick Lazuli off him. Slafter is seen getting up faster then Lazuli, as Lazuli is just about to straighten up Slafter hit’s her hard in the face knocking her down agin. Lazuli looks with angry eyes at Slafter while he grins satisfied.

Slafter: I’ve waited a long time to see you die.
Lazuli: Yah, well keep waiting.

Meanwhile Fraid is zipping around making it hard for any of the hunters to line up a shot. Before long Fraid starts making his way toward Billy, as Billy gets Fraid in his sights and is about to fire, Fraid grabs Billy’s arm and points it towards Bear. It happens so quick that Billy had no time to react and the shot was fired, hitting Bear in the knee. Fraid then quickly bends Billy arm behind his back, putting him in a painful arm lock while using one of Billy’s weapons to shoot the guns out of Shooters hands.

Fraid: You can’t win.
Voice from behind: Oh no.

Fraid turns around to see Kari about to drive her sword down through his skull, reacting quick Fraid releases Billy and rolls out of the way, making the sword hit nothing but earth. As this was happening Xion is seen talking to another figure back at the vampire club.

Xion: Dimitri, it’s time.
Dimitri: What is it you want me to do.
Xion: We know what city the half breeds are located in, I want you to find Daje, and bring her to me.
Dimitri: Alive I presume.
Xion: Yes.
Dimitri: It’ll be like taking candy from a baby.

Back at the battle field Lazuli and Slafter are seen locking hands in a struggle of brute force. After a few seconds Slafter pushes his arms out to the side, forcing Lazuli arms out as well, then drags her in and knee her had in the gut. Slafter then puts both hands together and delivers a hard smash hit to Lazuli back driving her flat onto the ground. Slafter then grabs Lazuli shotgun while she’s down.

Slafter: No need for this little device. *smirk*

Slafter gives the gun a throw, making it land in the bushes some ways away.

Slafter: What’s wrong sis, done already.

Then without warning Lazuli grabs Slafter ankle and bites into his lower leg, Slafter is put in great pain from the force of the bite but quickly overcomes it, using his free leg/foot to kick Lazuli in the face, making her release her grip. Meanwhile Fraid has managed to disarm most of the slayers except Shooter and Kari who are still welding swords.

Shooter: Damn, his small size and high speed makes him hard to catch.
Kari: This little fucker is getting on my nerves.

Both stand side by side waiting for Fraids move, Fraid then sees a curved blade with a chain hooked on Kari left waist. Fraid starts off by running in a circle around the 2, after circling a few times he pin points the exact moment that they needs to spin their heads around to continue tracking him. On the next loop Fraid doesn’t make a full circle, but in the exact moment that Shooter and Kari eyes are off him, he runs quickly in towards them. By the time they locate him agin Fraid is already up to them and unhooks Kari blade, then swings around slicing a deep cut in Shooter leg. While Fraid seems to be having complete control over his fight, we see Slafter also dominating his, beating Lazuli senseless like theirs no tomorrow. In between the beating Lazuli finds a opening and grabs Slafters left fist, though she has no time to counter attack as Slafter brings down a right elbow breaking her arm. Lazuli is in considerable pain and drops to one knee. Slafter stands above his sister, looking back he see’s a shiny metal object flipping through the air, the object turns out to be a sword which lands about 10 feet away from Slafter.

Slafter: What a stroke of luck.

Slafter causally walks towards the weapon, Lazuli get back to her feet and runs in for one last attack.

Slafter: To late.

Slafter quickly grabs the weapon, stabbing it in the middle Lazuli chest. Lazuli looks to be in extreme pain as she slowly drop’s to the ground.

Slafter: See you in hell... sis. *grins evilly*

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 9: Unlikely Slayer.

We begin by taking a look around, Slafter is slowly walking away from Lazuli who is on the brink of death, and the hunters are all disarmed by the small but quick Fraid. We now focus in on Slafter who is walking over towards Fraid, however Slafter suddenly hears movement from behind, turning around he see someone kneeled down by Lazuli. From Slafters view all he can see is VS marked in big red letters on the back of a black sweatshirt. Suddenly the strange man pulls the sword from Lazuli body, throwing it aside. We zoom in closer and hears the man speak.

Man: 3 minutes. This must end now.

The man stands up to his feet, and turns around to face Slafter. Finally getting a clear look we see this man stands at 5 foot 1. His hair is black, his skin is pale, and his eyes are blue. This person dresses in all black wearing black jeans, black sneakers, a black t-shirt with the black sweatshirt over it. On his right thigh is a holder carrying a Shamshir blade.

Slafter: Another fighter wanting to die.
???: 3 minutes is all I have to save her life.
Slafter: Huh?
???: Yah, you missed buddy.

Slafter looks pissed, making a snarling sound as this new guy closes in. When in range Slafter throws a punch which get’s blocked easily, Slafter quickly throws another hit just for it to get caught in this new guy’s fist. This man then hit’s Slafter in the chest with such force he slides back over the ground. Slafter is stunned but recovers quickly, but it isn’t fast enough as Slafter is struck by an uppercut throwing him back through the air and making him land on his back. Slafter pushes himself up agin, blood running down his mouth.

Slafter: What the hell are you?
???: Alucard Harrington.

Slafter pauses for a second.

Slafter: Wait, no you can’t be?
Alucard: Can’t I.
Slafter: We destroyed all of you, your suppose to be dead.
Alucard: Time is running out, let’s end this.

Alucard runs in towards Slafter who in return runs in himself. They both turn out locking hands in a power struggle but Slafter quickly begins to get pushed back. Surprised Slafter breaks the struggle and back flips away. Just as Slafter finishes back flipping all he sees is Alucard who was in pursuit of him. Alucard quickly gets his blade as he closes and hit’s Slafter in the face with the handle before jumping and coming down driving his knee into Slafter face, knocking him down to the ground. Alucard is about to slice off Slafters head when he makes a quick move and throws a shuriken, hitting Alucard in the shoulder. Slafter jumps back to his feet and calls out to Fraid.

Shooter: Let’s get out of here.

Alucard is seen pulling the shuriken out of his shoulder with no more then a little discomfort.

Slafter: Don’t think this is over.
Alucard: I’ll be waiting to kill you.

Slafter and Fraid quickly retreats from battle, as a fear well gift Alucard throws Slafter own weapon at him, hitting Slafter in roughly the same place Slafter hit him. Alucard then walks over to Lazuli and kneels down by her once more. The group slowly makes their way over, some of them limping due to leg injuries. They see Alucard roll up the sleeve of his shirt.

Alucard: The sword sliced into her heart, but not directly through it. Let’s see if this works.
Alucard *putting his bare arm up to Lazuli mouth*: Bite it. Feed.
Alucard *shakes Lazuli slightly*: Bite it if you want to live.

Lazuli faintly shows signs of life as she opens her mouth revealing her fangs, she then bites into Alucards arm, he shows discomfort but no real pain, despite a vampires bite being rather painful.

Shooter: Who are you?
Alucard: I’m one... of you.
Kari: No, I don’t know of any human who could fight someone like Slafter 1 on 1 like that.
Shooter: Let alone chase him off.
Alucard: Who said... I’m... er human.
Billy: So your another half breed?
Alucard: No... ah pure blood.

As Lazuli feeds off Alcard her bite become increasingly stronger and more painful.

Kari: Then why...
Alucard: Mind... if I... err explains... later.

Lazuli continues to feed, getting stronger with every pissing second until she releases Alicard arm in a load roar, making everyone except Alicard step back. Lazuli looks at Alicard panting.

Lazuli: Who... are you?
Shooter: That’s what we are trying to find out.

Alucard stands to his feet.

Alucard: Ok, I’ll level with you. My name is Alucard Harrington, that last remaining of a very rare vampire bloodline. My family was destroyed by a very powerful vampire...
Lazuli: Xion probably.
Alucard: Because they didn’t want us being friends with any human. Unlike most vampires today, I have no need to drink blood. My parents died when I was 11. At 13, the vampires found me agin, and agin tried to kill me. Luckily they wasn’t as powerful as Slafter, and I managed to defend myself with a Shamshir until a group of Slayers arrived. They saved my life that day. I travelled with this group for 2 and a half years, they training me and my skills and strength increasing on massive levels. However, on one fateful day I was decoyed away from the group, I lost the decoy but returned to find the entire group slaughtered. So I travelled alone, killing as many other vampires as I could. I then got word of a powerful vampire trying to track down a group of Slayers, and that’s why I’m here.
Lazuli: If you came to kill Slafter, why did you let him go?
Alucard: To save you.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 10: Double Trouble.

Lazuli: If you came to kill Slafter, why did you let him go?
Alucard: To save you.
Lazuli: *questioning look* But... you don’t even know me?
Alucard: The way I see it, evil always return. So protect the good first.
Kari: Don’t mean to interrupt the moment, but can we head back. We need to deal with Bear and Shooters injuries before it gets infected.
Lazuli: Oh right. Come with me and they’ll be fixed up in no time.

Not far away Slafter is overlooking the group trying to determine his next move.

Slafter: Damn that vampire, how did he grow so strong, and at such a young age.
Fraid: *treadling around with what looks like a chess piece in his hand* So what now?
Voice: Yes Slafter, what will you do now?
Slafter: Just when I thought this night couldn’t get any worse.
Voice: I don’t think Xion will be pleased to hear you failed him agin.
Slafter: Why are you even here Dimitri, here to force some unexpecting women to have sex with you?
Dimitri: Maybe I’ll do your sister and finish her off.
Slafter: Like fuck, she’ll die by my hands alone, got it.
Dimitri: He, whatever. If you really want to know, Xion sent me here to get Daje and bring her to him, alive.
Slafter: *in a laughingly voice* And you think you can?

Slafter then feels a cold razor sharp blade get lightly pressed to his next.

Dimitri: There is a reason he picked me.
Slafter: Such as?
Dimitri: First, I don’t fail. Second, I’m stronger.
Slafter: *angry* Shut up.
Dimitri: *smiles, putting away his weapon* Well well, their on the move. If you’ll excuse me, I have a job to do.

Dimitri vanishes into the darkness, following the group who slowly makes their way back to base.

Slafter: Oh hell no, I’m not accepting failure agin.

Slafter starts follow the group as he tells Fraid to head back and inform Xion. A while later the group is back at the half breeds base once agin. Watching from the ledge of a near by building, Dimitri smiles, a few seconds later Slafter lands beside him.

Dimitri: Whatever you’re here for, stay out of my way.
Slafter: You have your orders, I have mine.

Inside the group have made their way down stairs where shooter and Bear are waiting to be taken care of. The 2 wait and soon Lazuli and another girl walks in. This girl is 5 foot 3, has long, dark brown hair, and mismatched eyes (one red, one bloodshot blue). She wears a white thong and undergarments underneath a black fishnet tank top and a dark grey miniskirt. Shooter and Bear also notices 2 long needles in her hand.

Lazuli: Shooter, Bear, this is Colza. She’ll be the one taking care of you 2.

Colza walks up to shooter and examines his injury, then looks at Bear.

Colza: Ok, who’s first.

Colza looks at Shooter who is pointing over in Bears direction, Bear notices.

Bear: Hey, why you.
Shooter: Hehe, Hey. That bullet has to come out as soon as possible, you need help first. *smiles*
Colza comes over to Bear: Ok, this will hurt a lot *reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small pair of tweezers*.

Bear gives Shooter a stern look, Shooter grins and as we change to a view out in the hall we hear very painful shouts. In another room Daje meets Alucard, and the story of what happened is told.

Daje: Damn, that was close.
Lazuli: Yes, I would have died tonight except for him. Damn though, what I feared is right, Slafter is stronger then me. And no doubt, he won’t stop until I’m dead.
Alucard: If this guy is a bother for you, then let me take him.
Lazuli: After tonight, he probably won’t come near you. He’ll wait till I’m alone.
Kari: Same problem with us. We can’t leave if he is following us.
Alucard: Sounds to me, we need to lead him into a trap.
Daje: What do you have in mind?
Alucard: Bait. *smiles*

Meanwhile Colza has gotten the bullet from Bear knee and is painfully sowing together the cut on Shooter leg. After a few minutes Colza finishes, she the picks up one of the needles and clears the tips.

Colza: This should help the wounds heal.
Shooter: What is it?

Colza doesn’t answer and just sticks the needle into Shooter, injecting him with a clear liquid. She does the same with Bear.

Colza: Saliva.
Shooter: Huh?
Bear: What?
Colza: That’s what I injected you with. Vampire saliva.
Bear: Vampire...
Shooter: Saliva...
Colza: *innocent look*
Shooter: Are... we gonna become vampires?
Colza: No silly, the saliva has healing properties, helping wounds heal quickly. With small injuries like this, you 2 should be top notch within the hour.
Shooter: Cool.


Slafter: What the hell, can’t we just move in now?
Dimitri: Wait, more then likely they are planning a trap for you, which without me, you would 100% fall for.
Slafter: Err.
Dimitri: We’ll let them make the first move. Then, you complete your mission, and I’ll complete mine.
Slafter: Fine.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 11: Round 3: Final Showdown.

We start off by seeing Dimitri and Slafter waiting outside the half breeds hideout. After about 10 minutes Lazuli carefully step’s outside, looking around and makes her way down the road.

Slafter: Perfect. She’s alone. *is about to move*
Dimitri: No wait.

A few minutes after wards Alucard walks out as well, following down Lazuli trail.

Dimitri: I told ya. If you attacked her, he would have been on you in seconds.
Slafter: Damn him.
Dimitri: I don’t need him in my way, you go for the girl and I’ll knock him out. You can have the pleasure of killing him if you want.
Slafter: That would be great. *evil smile*
Dimitri: Then lets go.

Dimitri and Slafter jump down from the ledge and disappears into the darkness of the night once agin. We now check in with Lazuli who is still carefully walking forward, before long she stop’s as she see’s a dark figure in front of her.

Lazuli: Slafter.
Slafter: Ready for round 3 sis.
Lazuli: Of course, I been expecting you Slafter.
Slafter: I know. Don’t think that Alucard will be coming to your aid, he’s being taken care of as we speak.
Lazuli: What, no way would that runt Fraid take him out.
Slafter: Believe me, it isn’t Fraid who is taking out Alucard.

Elsewhere Alucard is walking through the darkness of the night, suddenly Alucard stands his ground, feeling uneasy. Alucard lay’s his hand on his Shamshir while scooping around, then in a quick move Alucard spins around and holds his blade up high, blocking a downward slice from another blade. Alucard get’s to take a good look at his opponent, the man before him wears dark colored classic European clothes and black European style boosts. He has long red hair, green eyes & a straight nose. The blade that Alucard manage to block was your classic style rapier.

Alucard: Who... are you?
Dimitri: Someone not to mess with.

Dimitri takes his rapier and spins while ducking, aiming to slice into Alucard lower legs.
Alucard jumps the attack and brings his own blade down, however Dimitri reacts quick and rises his rapier in time to block Alucard shamshir.

Alucard: o.O Wha...
Dimitri: Your not dealing with Slafter here *smirk*

Dimitri sweeps Alucard off his feet and stands back up straight himself. He allows Alucard to stand as well, then in a bold move Dimitri puts his weapon away.

Dimitri: I’d like to stay, but I have stuff to do, so let’s just finish this.
Alucard: Fine!

The 2 charge each other, going into slow motion we see Dimitri pull his left arm back by his side, as Alucard comes in to slice off Dimitri head, Dimitri quickly thrust his hand forward, hitting Alucard with massive force square in the chest and knocking him several feet back before landing and tumbling over the ground. Dimitri walks up to Alucard who is holding his chest in pain.

Dimitri: Have a nice nap.

Dimitri then punches Alucard in the face with such force it’s amazing he didn’t break Alucards neck. Dimitri smiles at the KO’d Alucard before taking off. Meanwhile we see Slafter behind Lazuli, Slafter has Lazuli left arm bend behind her back with his left hand, and has his right arm around Lazuli neck. Lazuli uses her free hand and try’s to pull Salfter arm away from her throat, but fails as she doesn’t seem to be strong enough, what worse, Lazuli is in great pain as her left arm is on the verge of being broken. Struggling to get free, Lazuli manages to lean herself forward, flipping Slafter over her. Slafter lands on his feet and Lazuli straightens up, rubbing her left arm.

Slafter: So where’s your backup huh.
Lazuli: Err, who else is with you?

Slafter steps towards Lazuli as she steps back, ready in a fighting stance. Lazuli however comes to a stop when she backs up to a wooden wall.

Slafter: Oh what’s wrong, nowhere to run.

Lazuli gets ready to defend herself as Slafter closes, when in range Lazuli throws a high kick, Slafter catches her ankle with his hand and throws her aside making her fall on her back.

Lazuli: Shit, I forgot to locate my firearm after the last encounter.

Lazuli quickly gets back to her feet, with no other choice Lazuli go’s on the offensive and charges Slafter, only to get lift off her feet, spun around, and thrown through a nearby wooden wall. As Slafter steps towards her once more, Lazuli feels around for any kind of weapon. She feels around and gets her hand on a cracked stick of wood with a shape end. Slafter starts rushing in.

Lazuli: Let’s see how you like it.

As Slafter closes Lazuli springs upward driving the wood stick through Slafter chest, and clear through his body. Stunned, Slafter is now the one falling to the ground, blood running down the piece of wood through his body.

Lazuli: Get use to the pain while your still alive, cause it’s all you’ll ever feel when you die.
Slafter: You may ha *cough blood* have won the battle. *cough* But you *cough* lost the war ha..haha *cough blood*.

Soon enough Slafters body go’s lifeless and he stops breathing.

Lazuli: Alucard! Guess I have to see what happened to him.

Lazuli runs back down the way she came.

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To the story universe.

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Chapter 12: Daje’s Kidnapping.

We check in with Lazuli who is running back down the street, before long she spots Alucard looking ruffed up and laying on the ground. She kneels down beside him and checks to see if he’s still breath.

Lazuli: Still alive, should get him back to base.

Lazuli is about to lift Alucard and carry him when she catches something in the corner of her eye. Looking back she see’s that a red glow cover the sky in the distance.

Lazuli: What? That’s not sunrise, it’s... fire.

Lazuli throws Alucard up on her shoulder and heads towards the red glow. Meanwhile Daje and the hunters are wondering what’s going on as alarms are sounding and lights are flashing. After a few minutes Colza burst in through the door, smoke starts filling the room.

Daje: Colza, what happened?
Colza: Where under attack, the whole place is on fire.
Billy: We got to leave before it’s to late.
Daje: I agree. First though, who is attacking us?
Colza: We don’t know, but he’s strong.

Suddenly explosions are heard down the hall.

Colza: He’s coming.
Kari: Let’s go, NOW!!!

The group starts to make their way out the burning hallway. Kari is first, followed by Billy, then Bear, then Scot and filly Shooter. Behind him is Daje followed by Colza. As they make their way down the burning hall, we see a wooden support beam burning, about to let go. Shooter is just passing when the roof above drops. As Kari yelled “watch out” Shooter jumps out of the way, Daje and Colza stop walking just in time to avoid getting crushed, although they are trapped on the opposite side of the fallen, burning wall of rubble.

Kari: Shooter, you ok?
Shooter: Yah, I’m fine.
Kari: *calling out* You 2 alright?
Daje: *calling back* Where alright, but where trapped over here.
Kari: *calling out* Stay there, we’ll find a alternate route and come get you.

The group of hunters start to run down a hall leading to the left. Meanwhile Lazuli has laid Alucard down in a save location outside, and has begone making her way through the flames. She get’s back to the door leading down into the half vampire base. Though she finds the door is jammed shout. With a swift kick, Lazuli breaks the door down, trying to make her way back to her friends. Although she is stopped by a wall of flames that their seems to be no way of passing. She looks around, and see’s a fire extinguisher, but it’s hanging directly in the flames. Lazuli step’s back, being careful not to stand to close. A few minutes later the built up seem in the extinguisher becomes to much, and it literally explodes. Lazuli was far enough back to avoid injury, and the explosion blows out some of the flames, creating an opening. Back with the hunters, we see that the path they have taken is also blocked.

Kari: Damn, this is no good.
Bear: This is the only other way, the other hall leads to the exist.
Kari: Let’s head back, we’ll have to figure something out.

Meanwhile Daje and Colza are still waiting for rescue. Daje looks slightly frightened as it seems that no one would be coming.

Daje: We can’t stay here much longer.
Colza: Isn’t there any other way out, a hidden entrance or something?
Daje: I’m afraid not.

Daje comforts Colza who is getting more frightened by the second, she then looks and see’s a figure walking up through the smoke. As the figure closes, we see it’s non other then Dimitri.

Dimitri: Daje I presume.

Daje step’s ahead of Colza, readying to protect her.

Daje: Who are you, what do you want.
Dimitri: I’ve been called the demon with the face of an angle, but I guess your looking for a name.
Daje: Dimitri, only one vampire has that title.
Dimitri: So you do know me. As for why I’m her, to get you.

Daje stands guard, focussed on Dimitri, then a sudden karate chop attack hit’s Daje from behind. Daje looks stunned and falls to the floor unconscious, we look to see it was Colza. Dimitri smirks and picks up Daje putting her over his shoulder.

Dimitri: Good work.
Colza: You think Xion will accept me into the vampire faction yet?
Dimitri: Keep up the good work, I’m sure Xion will be pleased.

Dimitri walks back throw the smoke, soon vanishing from sight. Meanwhile Colza started yelling out “help” as load as she could, Kari and the group returns just in time to meet up with Lazuli, who has finally made it to where the roof collapsed.

Lazuli: Colza, Colza where here.
Kari: What’s the matter, we said we would get you 2 out somehow.
Colza: *in a crying voice* They, they’ve taken her. *sob* They have taken Daje.
Lazuli: What!!! Who.

Colza: *in a crying voice* The vampires *sob*, one called Dimitri. *sob*
Kari: No time to find another route.
Lazuli: We have to get through their now.
Scot: Leave it to me.
Lazuli: Colza, stand back. You hear me, stand back.

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To the story universe.

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Chapter 13: Group Together.

Lazuli: Stand back Colza.
Colza: *sob* Ok, I’ll move back as far as I can *sob*. Please hurry.

Scot step’s up to the wall, wiring a small pack of explosive powder, he then fells around in all his pockets.

Scot: Fuck... where the hell is it?
Kari: Something wrong?
Scot: Well, I seems to have lost my lighter.
Kari: For the love of...

Kari takes the end of the wire and sticks it in some nearby flames. The fuse lights within seconds, and everybody steps back and takes cover. Soon a large explosion blast apart the wall between them and Colza.

Lazuli: Colza, Colza!

Colza runs out from the thick smoke, teary eyed and leaps into Lazuli arms, hugging her.

Lazuli: Where are they?
Colza: Over *sob* t-there. *points down the hall where Dimitri went*
Lazuli: Colza, you follow these people, they’ll lead you out safely. I’m going to see if I can track them down.

Just then a man wearing a dark brown t-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes runs out of the smoke.

Lazuli: Jonas.
Jonas: Get out of here, this place is about to fall apart.
Lazuli: Wait, Daje is in there?
Jonas: No, I’ve already checked around, no one is in there.

More of the buildings structure begins to snap under weak support due to the fire.

Kari: He’s right, Dimitri would have had an exit planned anyway.
Shooter: Come on, let’s get out of here.
Lazuli: Right, ok let’s move it.

The group begin running up the hall leading to the exit, chunks of wood begins falling around them. They ignore the fire, running/jumping over flames if they has to, they reach the exit and manages to get outside. When they looks back, they see the full building collapse in on it’s self. They take Alucard and head to a new location. A little while later we see Dimitri drop Daje on a large table.

Voice: Good work Dimitri, just as I’d expect from you.
Dimitri: Of course Xion sir. And not only have I brought you Daje, but I’ve destroyed the half breeds base.
Xion: Is Colza still working for us.
Dimitri: Hmhm yes. She still believes you’ll accept her into the full blood faction.
Xion: The fool. As soon as her usefulness is expired, she’ll die with the others. One more thing, what’s the word on that Alucard person.
Dimitri: I knocked him out. Slafter was suppose to finish him after killing Lazuli.
Xion: Why didn’t you?
Dimitri: Cause it wasn’t part of my mission.
Xion: You literally does what your asked huh.
Dimitri: And nothing more or less.

Xion walks out from the shadows, over to Daje.

Xion: You can go now Dimitri.
Dimitri: It was a pleasure working for you Xion. Call on me any time you want.
Xion: I’m sure I will.

Dimitri exits leaving Xion and Daje in a room together, Xion grins evilly.

Xion: Vampires will rule this world, and even you won’t stop us.

Meanwhile Lazuli, the now awakened Alucard, Jonas, Colza, and the hunters are discussing their next move.

Jonas: I guess with Daje gone, your in charge now Lazuli.
Colza: I agree, you are Daje most trusted follower.
Shooter: So what do we do from here?
Lazuli: Maybe you people should go, I mean you’ve come so close to death so many times lately, and this isn’t even your battle.
Kari: No, I’m sure once they learn Slafter is dead, they’ll send someone else.
Alucard: Besides, you need all the help you can get.
Shooter: No, this has to stop.
Bear: We have to bring down the full bloods.
Kari: And save Daje.
Lazuli: *faint smile* Thank you all for staying, but how do you suggest we save Daje?
Alucard: We attack.
Lazuli: o.O...
Kari: Together.
Shooter: As one.
Billy: We bring an end to this now.
Lazuli: Well, what other option do we have? Ok then, let’s show them what we can do.
Everybody: *raises fist* Yah.

Meanwhile Daje has started to come to, she’s dizzy for a second but quickly regains her senses. She then finds herself chained up on a wall. Daje pulls on her right arm intending to break the chains, but screams out in pain as blood can be seen running down from her wist. Then Xion walks out from the darkness.

Xion: Do you really think I’d use just any old regular chains.
Daje: Of course, sharpened edges.
Xion: Yes, one pull and these chains will cut your wist and ankles to shreds, as well as put you in great pain.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 14: An Old Friend.

Still in their new location, the group has decided to go after Daje.

Jonas: I guess we may as well get Aven in on this.
Lazuli: Hmm, I don’t think we should. He’s rather young.
Jonas: Where gonna need all the help we can get, and Aven is pretty strong for his age.
Colza: Yah, I mean, we want all the help we can get if we are to succeed in saving Daje.
Lazuli: I guess. Colza, you go get him.
Colza: Ok.

Colza get’s up and leaves the group, outside the sky is starting to lighten as morning nears.

Jonas: Been meaning to ask, is their any reason your not fond of Aven.
Lazuli: Huh?
Jonas: Well I took notice of it, you always seem to give him a cold shoulder. He doesn’t seem bothered by it, but what’s with you 2?
Lazuli: Nothing.

After a few hours later it’s early morning, Daje is in a dark area as any or all windows are blocked off, she hangs alone chained up when Xion walks in agin.

Xion: Have you reconsidered?
Daje: No, you have my answer.
Xion: Still no surrender huh. How foolish.
Daje: You will regret this day, they’ll come for me.
Xion: Ha, who will come. A pair of half breeds who are lucky to even rival Slafter, and maybe a group of humans. Please, no one can save you. Look, the half breeds will be hunted down and killed, but if you order them to surrender, I’ll make sure their death is quick.
Daje: *spits in Xion face* Never.
Xion: *pissed* You’ll be the one regretting this day.

Xion leaves the room, leaving Daje alone in complete darkness once agin. After another half hour Colza has returned with Aven.

Aven: Hi.
Kari: You ready for this?
Aven: You bet, Colza filled me in on the whole thing. *walks up to Lazuli* I guess we’ll be working together.

Lazuli doesn’t respond and just turns away from Aven.

Aven: *shrug* Well, when do we move out.
Colza: I say at night. More the likely we’ll never get in right now, the vampires are bound to have everything locked down tight.
Lazuli: How do you know this?
Colza: I’ve seen it while out on a mission one time, it was coming on daylight and I seen them setting up all kinds of alarms and security stuff.
Jonas: Also, they have the police on their payroll. As soon as one alarm go’s off we’ll be surrounded in no time. The only reason you vampires hunters are safe are because your protected by your human leaders, or government as you may call it. If the police moved against you guy’s, they’d probably go to jail or lose their jobs.
Kari: We have the right however to enter any place that may contain vampires.
Jonas: Yes, however, even through the police can’t move on you in public, they can in an enclosed area.
Colza: Like inside the vampires base.
Lazuli: Exactly. Out of sight and out of mind.
Jonas: And to cover it all up, they’ll simply report that you guy’s died in battle. However, in the night, the police are more or less non active, leaving the streets free for the vampires to roam around and do whatever.
Aven: So, we either attack at day and get shout to death, or attack and night and get beat to death?
Jonas: Yep, that’s pretty much our options. Good aren’t day.
Kari: Not only that, we have permission to only kill vampires. If we lay a hand on another person, we become wanted by the state.
Jonas: Then it looks like attacking at day is pretty much ruled out.
Colza: So we set out at night.
Jonas: Yep.
Shooter: So, how will we do this.
Lazuli: I figure that we’ll take care of the main fighting, and have you guy’s sneak in and get Daje.
Kari: I think they’ll be expecting us to, or at least a group of humans. What if me and Shooter go after Daje, and leaving the rest with you.
Shooter: That only leaves 3, they’ll know something is up as hunter groups never comes in less
then 4.
Kari: I can get another guy if that’s the only probably.
Shooter: Who’s that?
Kari: Allen.
Bear: You know insane this mission sounds, you really think he’ll help.
Kari: I’m sure he wouldn’t mind helping an old friend.

4 and a half hours later out somewhere in a open field.

???: Your on crack.
Kari: But, we need your help Allen.

A dark skinned man standing at about 6 feet walks over to Kari. He wears black slightly baggy pants and a black sleeveless shirt, he is also wearing black sunglasses. On his left waist is a sword, and he has an AK47 strapped to his back.

Allen: Help, you and your team are on a death missing. Your going into the main vampire faction, with a team consisting of vampires, to save a vampire. No thanks, you go and get yourself killed.
Kari: The half breeds, you can trust them.
Allen: NO!!!. I can’t trust any vampire, and you’re a fucking idiot if you do.
Kari: You always was a stubborn one. I guess we’ll have to do this the old way.

Kari unhooks her chain blade and throws it aside.

Allen: Are you?
Kari: Allen, I challenge you in battle.
Allen: It’s been a while. State the stakes.
Kari: Quite simple, if I win, you come with me and help my team.
Allen: Very well. If I win, I want any and all weaponry or ammo your team has.
Kari: Agreed. Rules the same as usual.
Allen: *throwing the gun aside* Swords only.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 15: Allen vs Kari.

We start off as Kari is seen standing across from Allen with her sword drawn. Allen meanwhile is at the ready to draw his sword when needed.

Allen: Let’s see how good you really are.
Kari: I won last time.
Allen: That was then, this is now.

Both charge at each other, Allen quickly draws his sword making an upward slash which Kari dodges, Kari then makes a spin kick which Allen blocks with his arm. Quickly responding Kari dukes making a low slash with her sword which Allen hop’s over. Allen then gives Kari a hard right boot to the face and try’s to slash at her agin. Kari recovered however and blocked his blade with her’s. Allen smiles and takes a step back.

Allen: I see your at least at the same level as before.
Kari: And I can tell you’ve improved quite a bit. Still, I think I can still take you out.
Allen: Then how about we up the game.
Kari: Sure.

Allen stabs his sword into the ground so it sticks up and walks a few feet away from it. Kari throws her sword aside and get’s a even distance away from Allen's sword, just on the opposite side.

Allen: One sword. First to get his or her opponent in a kill position wins.
Kari: Same as last time?
Allen: Sword tip to the opponents throat.
Kari: Then let’s do it.

Both stare each other down, then dash in toward the sword. Kari reaches the sword first but as she reaches to grab it, she receive a hard right from Allen knocking her down. Allen grabs the blade but is tripped by Kari who knocks his feet out from under him. Both get up and charge each other locking hands in a power struggle, however Allen’s raw strength gives him the edge as Kari loses ground, getting pushed down on one knee. Allen then breaks through and drives his fist into Kari face. Allen walks back and picks up the sword but is met by a kick to the face as soon as he turns around, making him drop the sword a gin and sending him crashing to the ground.

Kari: It’s insulting that you thought it was over so soon.
Allen: Of course you’d be harder to take out then that.

Allen quickly recovers and throws a punch, Kari side steps and knee Allen in the gut as he passes before slamming him in the back making him crash to the ground. Meanwhile Shooter and the others are waiting for night fall.

Shooter: This, is boring.
Bear: Don’t start.
Shooter: It’s just annoying when your ready for battle but has to wait.
Bear: So is their any backup plan.
Lazuli: None at all.
Shooter: So where screwed if something go’s wrong?
Lazuli: More or less.
Shooter: Say, where is Colza?
Lazuli: Oh she went out for a walk.

At this time, we see Daje still chained up in a dark room. Slowly the door opens letting a bit of light shine in.
Voice: Hello... Daje.
Daje: *shocked* C-Colza.

Colza steps in and walks up to Daje.

Daje: Why, why did you do it?
Colza: To prove myself so I could be accepted by the vampires.
Daje: We took you in, gave you a home, cared for you.
Colza: And all along I was waiting for the right moment to make my move. I’m sure I’ll soon be accepted by Xion.
Daje: Can’t you see it, Xion is using you. He’ll betray you.
Colza: No he won’t. He loves me.
Daje: Colza, listen. He’ll kill you. As long as you are mixed blood, you will never be accepted. Xion can’t be trusted.
Colza: We’ll see.

Colza walks away, closing the door behind her. Meanwhile Kari and Allen are both seen looking pretty beat up as are throwing/dodge various punches and kicks. The battle rages on as both lands hit’s on the other from time to time. After a while Allen put’s Kari on the defense, he manages to break through and punches Kari hard in the gut. Kari bends over in pain and Allen is about to lay a knock out hit. Allen punches but Kari avoids it just in time and kicks Allen in the stomach before elbowing him in the back, putting Allen on the ground agin. Kari runs over and picks up the sword, Allen recovers and charges her only to have the swords handle driven into his stomach, making him fall to the ground in great pain. Allen rolls around a bit holding his stomach, when he rolls over on his back a sharp edge is felt up against his neck.

Kari: Guess what pal, your dead.

Allen smiles as Kari lowers the blade.

Allen: The years has passed, but the end result remains the same.
Kari: So, you coming with me.
Allen: I said I would. So arrange another grave stone.
Kari: You really think we’ll all die.
Allen: Yep.

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Chapter 16: Move Out.

We start off with the group back at base, the sun is fading as it slowly darkens outside.

Shooter: How long has it been.
Bear: About 6 hours.
Shooter: Kari better hurry up, night is approaching fast.
Bear: She said it’d be roughly a 4 hour trip each way. She left at mid day, so she has 2 more hours.
Shooter: So it’ll be dark before they get back.
Lazuli: Not good considering you guy’s are the ones now being hunted.

3 hours later, the group starts to fear the worst as Kari is an hour late. It’s completely dark outside and the gang get’s ready to move out.

Lazuli: We can’t wait any longer.
Shooter: True.

Everybody stands to their feet, Shooter opens the door to see Kari and Allen standing outside, covered in blood, though has no cut’s them self’s.

Kari: Going somewhere *smiles*

Kari and Allen step’s inside.

Billy: What the fuck happened with you.
Kari: A lot of vampires on the go tonight. Luckily we didn’t run into anyone like Slafter. Oh, by the way, this is Allen.

Lazuli suggest a 30 minute break, and around 9:30pm the group get’s ready to move out agin. They make their way to the vampire faction, ducked down behind some bushes they see their first objective, the 2 guards at the entrance. Both are big black men standing no less then 8 feet tall and has bulky builds.

Guard 1: Do you see them.
Guard 2: Not yet.

Both stand focussed, after a few minutes blood is seen splattering out of the back of one of the guards heads, splattering on a wall behind him. Seconds later the same happens with the second guard, and both fall dead to the ground. From a distance we see Bear with the sniper rifle.

Shooter: Good shot.

The group makes their way over, passing through the gates and entering the vampire club. At the sight of humans the music comes to a sudden stop as a huge room full of vampires looks at the group.

Shooter: Was this such a smart idea?
Allen: Of course not.
Kari: To late to turn back now.
Lazuli: Attack!!!

Shooter, Billy, and Bear starts firing a rain of bullets at the vampires. Kari, Alucard and Allen starts slicing and dicing vampires. Lazuli, Aven, and Colza, get’s physical and kill’s vampires with a lot of neck snapping or stabbing’s in the heart with random weapons. Lastly scot throws little grenade sized bombs, blowing some vampires to bits. After a good 15 minutes of slicing, stabbing, snapping, blasting and shooting the group finally takes down the last vampire.

Kari: Phew, finally.
Allen: I guess we continue forward.
Shooter: Let’s do it.

Shooter step’s over to the doorway and Lazuli, Aven, and Allen follows, but they turn around in shock when a thick glass door slams shut behind them, trapping Kari, Billy, Bear, Scot and Colza in a room together. As we zoom in we see Colza has pushed on a large butting on one of the support pillars.

Kari: Colza???
Colza: Bye.

Colza pushes on another button as a green gas quickly starts to fill the room. Everyone except Colza starts to get drowsy and slowly drop’s to the floor. We look through the glass to see Shooter trying to break it, but even bullets bounces off the clear door without even leaving a mark. Then from the opposite end other vampires walks in, picking up the group of hunters and carrying them away. Back with the others

Lazuli: It was a trap.
Allen: *pissed* Yes a trap, by one of you.
Shooter: *angry* Where are they taking my friends.
Lazuli: To be taken alive, probably down in the labs.
Shooter: Why?
Lazuli: Well...
Shooter: WHY!!!
Lazuli: Either to be tortured, tested on or... to be drained of blood.

Shooter takes a few steps and turns down a hall leading down a flight of stairs.

Shooter: You guy’s go ahead, I’m not letting my friends die in here.
Allen: Fuck that, I’m coming with you. Let these vampires get them self’s killed.
Lazuli: Well meet back at the entrance outside.
Shooter: If we make it.

And with that Shooter and Allen go’s in one direction while Lazuli and the others go in another.

Shooter: I’m coming guy’s.

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To the story universe.

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Chapter 17: A Villain Returns.

We check in first with Allen and Shooter, Shooter leads the way as the 2 walk down a insanely long hall. Hidden behind a wall, a vampire springs out intending to bite Shooter, but ends up with a bullet in the head. Further down 2 more vampires spring into action, both receiving a shot to the head as Shooter is seen wielding 2 guns, one pointed towards each vampire. As Shooter shoots his way down the long hall, we switch over to Kari and the others. We see a group of vampires bring the hunters up to a large wall, tying each up with chains. Colza is not seen as she has since went a separate way. 4 vampires stand before the group, they look with evils grins. After a few seconds 2 more vampires enter, making a total of 6. These vampires look pretty normal ranging from 5 to 5 ½ feet tall. Each has an average build and most wears dark colored jeans and shirts, the other few wears baggier pants and shirts. A few more minutes pass and the group starts to come to. The vampire group looks like they are about to attack the chained hunters and bite when a voice orders them to stop.

Voice: These people are to be beaten, not bitten.

The vampires looks back to see a man of 5 foot 6 inches with a defined build. He wears all black clothing and a jacket with many pockets. This man draws a long blade, the blade appears mostly metal, but has a rather bright shine along the edge. The sword like blade also has a bronze tip and is dirty, covered with blood of people he’s killed.

Man: One bite, and you die, got it.

The man walks away as a large metal door closes behind him. Kari, the first one to wake, heard what the man said.

Kari: Oh great.

The others wake up minutes later, and the vampires attack the defenseless group. Meanwhile Lazuli and the others have found their way to a large open space. They spread out, walking carefully when Alucard yell’s “watch out”. Lazuli jumps to the side but ends up receiving a deep cut on her left arm from a sharp blade.

Familiar voice: So, you took down Slafter after all.
Alucard: It’s him, Dimitri.

Dimitri brings his rapier close to his face, licking some of Lazuli blood.

Dimitri: Quite a feat, taking down a opponent of Slafter rank. I hadn’t expected to do business with Xion agin so soon.
Lazuli: So you’re the one who took Daje?
Dimitri: Indeed I am. But you 4 don’t have to worry about her.
Jonas: Why’s that?
Dimitri: *grins* Cause non of you are leaving here alive.

Meanwhile Kari has been the first one to be let down off the chains. She has a vampire holding each arm while a third is beating the living hell out of her. Her weapons had been removed, leaving her outnumbered 6-1. As the vampire keeps laying hit after hit we see Kari face beaten and bloody. Her cloth are ripped in places and she has no energy left, resulting in the other 2 vampires holding her up. The attack ends with one final strike to the face, as the vampires let go, Kari just falls to the floor, unable to move.

Vampire #1: She’s no fun anymore.
Vampire #3: Which one will we let down next?
Vampire #6: How about the swimp.
Vampire #5: Nah man, lets let down the big guy.
Bear: Bring it, I dare you.

Meanwhile Shooter and Allen are in what looks like a research lab. They are ducked down behind tables covering them self’s from gunfire. The location they are in has a lot of glass, which is getting shattered by bullets. While taking cover we can see Shooter hold 2 Uzi’s (small machine gun), one in each hand. While Alex is holding a AK47. The rain if bullets stop’s and Shooter and Allen nods, quickly coming out of the cover and returning fire at the shooters. A few vampires are hit by Shooter and dies from the sliver, one vampire makes a run for it, running behind a wall. It doesn’t matter however as Allen shoots through the wall, hitting the vampire numerous times in the feet/ankles/lower legs, making him fall and unable to walk. Shooter walks up to the vampires and fires one final shot in it’s head, killing it.

Shooter: Your pretty good at this.

A vampire jumps at Shooter from behind but is shot directly in the heart by Allen.

Allen: Thanks.

As we check back with Lazuli and the others we see Aven get slammed back against a wall. As Aven falls to the ground we see Alucard attack Dimitri but getting no where. As Alucard throws a punch, Dimitri catches his fist and pulls Alucard in then knees him in the gut. While Alucard is stunned Dimitri grabs his rapier agin and makes several fast slashes to Alucards face/chest before striking him to the ground with a powerful punch. Jonas and Lazuli attack together but comes up dry as Dimitri counters both, hitting them both back. Lazuli comes back in on the attack but Dimitri kicks in the shin then performs an elegant spin kick to Lazuli head knocking her away. Jonas is next to come in and throws a series of punches, but Dimitri sway back and forth quickly avoiding every hit.

Dimitri: *while swaying* Well this is boring.

Dimitri quickly bends back, supporting himself with his hands and kicks Jonas in the stomach with both feet. Dimitri then spins around and hits Jonas in the face, making him slide back over the ground a little way’s. When Lazuli recovers and looks up, she looks in fear and shock to see Dimitri holding Aven by the throat with his left hand, while he has his rapier raised to the sky with his right hand.

Dimitri: I’m afraid play time is over.

We zoom in close to Dimitri rapier, and as it descends out of view, we see blood splatter over a nearby wall.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 18: Betrayal.

Dimitri holds his rapier up high, he brings the rapier down creating a deep gash through Avens body (from the right shoulder down to the left thigh). Blood splatters over a nearby wall and Dimitri throws Aven body aside. Lazuli looks on in horror, steering at Aven's lifeless body.


We see Lazuli outside the front door of where the half vampire faction used to be. In her hand is a basket containing a baby inside.

Lazuli: My son, this will be your home.
Lazuli: This will be best for you Aven. I’m... I’m frightened of parenthood, afraid I’ll fail you. Now with your father gone, I just don’t know what else to do. Maybe some day I’ll tell you about me and your father.

The baby sleeps peacefully, wrapped in think warm blankets. Lazuli lay’s down the basket and takes off, a few hours later the basket is found by Jonas and brought to Daje, who see’s a message saying “This half vampire child was found without any parents, please take care of him”. On the blanket the child name is written, “Aven”. Daje decides that the faction would raise the child. A few weeks later Lazuli joins the same faction, but as years pass she finds it continuing harder to face Aven, slowly becoming cold towards him.

*end flashback*

Lazuli: *low voice* My, my son.

We take a look at the battle to see a bloody Alucard attacking Dimitri with his sword, Dimitri dodges a swing from Alucard and does a spin kick hitting Alucard in his left arm, breaking it. Alucard sword drops to the ground and a familiar palm thrust from Dimitri sends Alucard flying back. Dimitri walks towards Alucard slowly.

Dimitri: This has been a waste of my time.

Behind Dimitri we see Lazuli pissed off, she picks up Alucards sword and walks towards Dimitri. Lazuli swings the sword overhead making a downward slash, Dimitri suddenly turns around however and catches the sword between the palm of both his hands.

Lazuli: o.O
Dimitri: Your next.

Dimitri yanks the sword from Lazuli hands and flips it around grabbing the handle, Dimitri then sticks the sword through Lazuli stomach. Meanwhile a knock is heard at Xion door.

Xion: Come in.

Colza walks in, she looks up at a t.v screen that has a camera watching the battle taking place. Colza looks shocked as Dimitri dominates his opponents.

Xion: You have done well Colza. Thanks to your help the main resistance of the half breeds are facing their doom. Other half breeds will be hunted and killed easily without any leaders to guide them.
Colza: I kept my end of the deal.
Xion: Yes, and you did a fine job of it.
Colza: It’s time you keep up your end of the deal.
Xion: My end of the deal, hmhmhm, no.
Colza: What!? No, you said if I helped you, you’d let me become part of the vampire faction.
Xion: Just cause I said it, doesn’t mean I meant it.
Voice: You where nothing but a pawn to Xion. And with the right moves, it won the game.
Colza: Fraid.

Fraid walks out of the shadows smiling evilly while playing with a ebony pawn chess piece.

Colza: B-but, you love me.
Xion: Love, I’d like to know how you came to that conclusion. I don’t, nor did I ever love you.
Colza: So all I did, it was, was for nothing. *looks as though she may soon cry*
Xion: Nothing for you, plenty for me. Now, unless you want to die, you’ll leave my sights right now.
Colza: *slight shock* Yes... sir.

Colza walks outside the room, her emotions mixed between heartbreak and anger.

Colza: Damnit, I’m such an idiot to have believed him. Looks like Daje was right all along.

Back inside the room.

Fraid: You let her live.
Xion: Makes no difference, she won’t get out of here alive.

Meanwhile things are not looking so good for the captured hunters as the vampires have just finished beating on Billy, the last one left. Soon after the vampire from before steps in.

Vampire #6: What do we do with these humans now Beckoth?
Beckoth: Take them down to the torture room, wake them up, and make sure that their death is very slow and extremely painful.
Vampire #4: Why are we screwing around with all this shit?.

Then suddenly Beckoths sword cuts the vampires head clear off, adding yet more blood to the sword.

Beckoth: Anyone else want to question Xion orders.

All the remaining 5 vampires takes a step back in fear.

Beckoth: Good, now get going.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 19: Speed Up.

Starting off we see Jonas climbing back to his feet, Dimitri pulls Alucard sword from Lazuli stomach.

Dimitri: It’ll be less painfully to just stay down.
Jonas: Maybe your right, but I fight till the end.
Dimitri: If you insist.

Dimitri and Jonas rush each other, jumping and colliding in mid air. They lock arms making a spin before landing on the ground once agin. Dimitri breaks the lock and kicks Jonas back, he then tosses the sword in the air and kicks it as it comes back down, sending the sword in Jonas direction like a bullet. Jonas manages to avoid the sword just in time as it flies past, Jonas then go’s on the attack agin but is stopped suddenly with a knee to the gut from Dimitri.

Dimitri: This... is where you die.

Next all we see is a close up of a shape blade making a quick slash. We now focus on Shooter, he and Allen had split up to cover more ground in their search. As Shooter walks along the completely empty lab area he is in, he hears a beeping sound. Shooter locates the sound, hidden inside a trash can is a fairly large, black ball with a blinking red light on top.

Shooter: Fuck!!!

The beeping starts to speed up and Shooter runs, just as a explosion erupts Shooter jumps landing behind a metal table. Outside we see windows get blown out by the shock wave of the blast, back inside, we see the lab is destroyed. After a mew minutes a table top is seen getting moved, Shooter pushes himself up pushing the table top over.

Shooter: *cough* That was close. *cough*

Shooter finishes coughing out dust that got inhaled during the explosion, then stands and looks around. As Shooter walks through all the fallen ruble and broken glass, he sees one needle with a blue liquid inside. Shooter looks at the needle wondering if there was medicine or something he may need inside. On the floor, there are broken needles and liquid everywhere. Deciding to take the needle, Shooter steps forward but slips on the slick liquid covered floor. The needle Shooter was holding gets tossed in the air, flipping around and sticks into shooters arm after coming back down, injecting the liquid into Shooters blood stream. Shooter yanks the needle out of his arm, he then starts to show discomfort before beginning to yell out in pain. Shooter rolls around on the floor yelling for about 3 minutes, then calms completely down as though the pain simply disappeared. Shooter lay’s on the floor momentarily then get’s up. The only change that can be seen is that Shooter’s eye pupils have turned from brown to blue.

Shooter: What the...

Just then 2 vampires walk in, before they even realise who Shooter is they are shot in the head. As we turn back to Shooter, we see him looking shocked as hell.

Shooter: What in the world. I know I’m fast, but damn. I just had a reaction time of close to 0.

2 more vampires then run in, armed with machine guns they open fire at Shooter. In super slow motion we see Shooter run to the side as the bullets fly past him, then back to normal speed we see Shooter run up to the vampires insanely fast and put a gun to each ones head. He fires both guns at the same time blowing the vampires brains out the back of their heads.

Shooter: Wow, I’m fast... really fast. I can get use to this.

Shooter then walks out of the lab into another hall.

Shooter: How fucking big is this place?

Shooter runs very quickly down the hall. Meanwhile Allen has entered a hallway that has the walls, floor and roof all painted pitch black. The hallway is extremely dark with only one light up at the very end. Allen slowly makes his way up the dark hallway, the light is seen shining on a large darkly colored door. Allen pushes the door open, and light shines into a dark room. As Allen slowly pushes the door open, light slowly reveals Daje, who is still chained to a large concrete wall. By this time Daje right arm is full of blood as the sharply edged chain prevented Daje wound from closing.

Allen: Hey.
Daje: *abruptly wakes up*
Allen: Who are you.
Daje: I’m Daje. Your not one of them, are you?
Allen: No, but you are.

Allen turns around to walk away but Daje urges him to stay, asking him to help her.

Allen: Why should I trust you. Your little half vampire group has succeeded in nothing but getting Kari and the others, except Shooter, trapped and taken away somewhere. For all we know, their already dead.
Daje: Please, don’t let Colza actions fool you. We never meant any harm to the humans.

Allen turns back, staring Daje right in the eyes, wondering what to do.

Daje: Why are you here?
Allen: Let’s just say as a favor to Kari.
Daje: Which was...
Allen: To help save you.
Daje: And are you a man who is true to his word.

To Daje surprise, Allen raises his gun. Daje looks frightened when Allen pulls the trigger, but unexpectedly the bullets hit the chains and Daje falls to the floor.
Allen: I said I’d help save you. It’s your job to survive.

And with that Allen walks back down the hall he came up, leaving Daje to fend for herself.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.

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Chapter 20: Shocking Pain.

We begin with taking a look in a dully lit dungeon like area. The walls and floor is all solid concrete, and it’s damp and wet with water dripping down from above. The place also looks very old, and rarely used. As we continue in further we see the group of hunters still knocked out. They are all tied around their wist and hanging from the ceiling, suspended just high enough so they don’t touch the ground. Also, all their footwear has been removed and their feet are put into a large pool of water. Lastly we zoom in close, looking through the water we can see a blurry image of a metal ring around the hunters ankles, chained to the bottom. 5 of the vampires from before walk in, the last one is seen with a long metal rod, sparks of electricity is seen sparking from the tip as all 5 vampires grins evilly. The vampires then starts grabbing buckets full of ice chilled water, and splashes the hunters in the face. The cold shock of the water woke them up right away. Another 7 or 8 buckets of water ensures the group is good and completely wet.

Vampire 1: So you all survived the beating.
Billy: Err, what’s the deal. If your gonna kill us, then do it already.
Vampire 3: No, where not gonna kill you yet. We have something more shocking in mind.
Bear: *spots the electrical rod* Son of a bitch.

The vampire puts the tip of the rod in the water, electrifying the group and making each one scream out in pain. The shocking continues for several minutes, at which point they pauses just long enough for Kari to speak.

Kari: When we get out of here, your all gonna die.

The vampires finds the statement amusing, even laughing slightly.

Vampire 1: Your not getting out of here. *signals to up the voltage* It’s the end of the line for you people. *turns head* Agin.

And the electrifying shocks then continues, more powerful then they where before. Meanwhile Shooter has found his way into yet another lab.

Shooter: Ok, this is fucking ridiculous.

As Shooter makes his way though the lab he see a man working on something, Shooter looks closer to see it’s the same blue liquid that got injected into him. Shooter quickly runs over to the man pinning him against the table and putting a gun to the back of his head.

Man: Wait, wait. I’m not one of them, please, don’t shoot.
Shooter: This blue stuff, what is it?
Man: It’s a strength enhancing drug. It has been in development for 2 years now.
Shooter: Is this why vampires like Slafter are so strong?
Man: No, this drug is fatal to vampires. For some reason we haven’t been able to get the drug to mix in properly with vampire blood.
Shooter: What about humans?
Man: The earlier stages of the drug where tested on humans and made them stronger. Although testing stopped once we discovered the drug killed vampires. Ever since we have been trying to make the drug combine with vampire DNA.

Shooter lets the man up, he then grab’s several needles containing the drug.

Shooter: One more thing, where do the vampires takes live humans.
Man: Live humans *surprised* Either the labs upstairs...
Shooter: I’m already blown though them.
Man: Or the torture chambers down stairs. The quickest way down is through those...

The man turns around to see that Shooter has already gone.

Shooter: I’m coming guy’s.

Meanwhile, Daje is seen making her way out the dark colored hall. Although weak on her feet due to blood loss, she stumbles forward. The cut on her wist, now free from the chains, has closed enough to finally stop bleeding. Daje makes it around the corner then stop’s with a worried look.

Beckoth: Oh, just where do you think your going?

Daje get’s in a fighting position, but it becomes clear right away that she is in no condition to fight, seeing as she can barely keep herself up.

Beckoth: Your going to defeat me in that condition.

Daje looks as though she is giving up as moves out of the fighting position back into a regular standing one.

Daje: No, I can’t defeat you like this. Though maybe she can.
Beckoth: Huh... *turns head*

As soon as Beckoth turned his head around he received a kick to the face, making him crash head first against the wall. Beckoth turns towards his opponent, snarling in anger.

Beckoth: Out of all your mistakes, that was one you won’t live to regret Colza.
Colza: We’ll see about that.
Daje: Good to have you back.

Colza nods and focuses on her opponent. Beckoth snarls agin and Colza snarls back at him. After a few seconds both jump each other, they collide and starts struggling. Beckoth however gains the edge and lift Colza off her feet slamming her into a wall, then carrying her across and slamming her into the opposite wall. Beckoth pins Colza up but she gets free with a knee strike to Beckoth face, making him stumble back a little.

Daje: Colza doesn’t have the battle experience the others has. Still, at she has a change against him.

Dark Wars. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
To the story universe.
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