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 Savage Evolution!

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PostSubject: Savage Evolution!   Savage Evolution! EmptyTue Mar 24, 2009 6:44 am

Chapter 1: The Newcomer

In the early morning, deep inside the large city Telmen, all teenagers and youngsters are gathering at the school's entrance. The ringing of the bell marks the start of the school day as we instantly see all scholars walking inside.

A few moments later, we find ourselves in one of the classrooms, filled with boys and girls of around 17 years old.
In the front of the class, the teacher is talking to the principal. The teacher is a woman, dressed in a light-brown knee-length skirt and top vest. Underneath the vest she wears a white blouse. Her hair is pinned up in the back, held together on a large dot. She wears brownish stockings and black heeled shoes.
Around her neck, her glasses are dangling on a cord. She seems to be in her late 30's.

The principal is dressed in a fine blue suit, blue tie to go with it and shiny black shoes. He appears to be in his mid 40's.

Next to him stands a pupil, who looks like he's 17 years old. This boy stands at around 1m81. He is dressed in black jeans on top of black shoes, marked with red striping and other symbols. He wears a red t-shirt under his dark-blue jeans vest. His hair is completely white, standing on end in the front. The front lock of hair is the biggest and the tip of that lock is strangely enough black. He has greenish-grey eyes irises. His backpack hangs over his right shoulder while he seems to be getting bored by standing by the teacher and the principal.

Meanwhile, everyone in the class is chatting silently. In the near back of the classroom, 2 students are bent forward towards each other, so their conversation would stay between them.

The kid on the left row, against the wall, is a 17 year old brown skinned boy with past shoulder length, jet black, dreadlocked hair. He has reddish brown eyes which are almost slint down giving him an intimidating glare unless he's relaxed, a broad, though not bulbous, nose, average eyebrows yet rather long eyelashes. He has a firm build for a kid of his age, and opposed to his fellow classmates, he seems to be one of the most muscular though he remains to have his slim build. Clothing wise, he wears size 12 black/white sneakers, a blue straight fitting pants & a tight fitting, American style, black shirt. On top of this he wears a hooded shirt while on his chair, his multicoloured jacket is placed.

On the right and middle row, a tall muscular white boy is sitting. He has a lightly tanned skin, short dark-brown hair and stone grey eyes. His body is even more muscular then that of the one he's talking with. A sleeveless red jacket hangs over his navy blue tank top, which brings out his muscular shoulders even more. The jacket is undone in the middle, hanging open on both sides. On his lower body, he wears a black pants on top of white sneakers with red and blue markings. On his head, he has sunglasses placed.

Right kid: "Looks like we got another new guy."
Left kid: "It's like we're getting a whole stampede this year."
R.kid: "Tell me about it. He's late though. School year’s already going for 3 weeks."
L.kid: "Well it's never too late to come to this joint."
R.kid: "Do you think he can do anything?"
L.kid: "Let's ask him."
R.kid: "Yeah right. Like he'd tell us."

On that moment, the principal and the teacher seem to be saying goodbye as the principal walks out of the classroom instantly after.

Teacher: "Everyone listen up, we have a new student."

Nearly everyone silences and sits back to normal behind all their desks, except for the boys in the back, who softly and preferably, unnoticed, try to continue their conversation.

Teacher: "Class, meet Sly Ravage."

The teacher turns towards Sly.

Teacher: "Now then Mr. Ravage, there's still an empty desk in the back, I'm sure you'll be able to make yourself comfortable there."

Sly doesn't say a thing, simply fakes a smile while nodding and casually walks towards the back.

Teacher: "Mr. Vallor & Mr. Karyu!! Seeing the two of you were kind enough to keep silent while I was introducing this new young man, you 2 can get to know him by showing him around school."

Both instantly sit upright and pretend nothing happened as they clear their throats silently.
Both reply obediently: "Yes M'am."

Sly walks past them and sits down on the left row, right behind our brown skinned friend. Meanwhile the teacher turns around, picks her book off her desk and starts writing on the blackboard.

The boy in front of Sly instantly turns around. His mate simply turns his head at first, while keeping an eye on the teacher.

Steve: "Greetings man. I'm Steve. Steve Karyu. This here be Raz."
Raz: "Greetings fellow mortal."
Sly: "Sly Ravage."

All 3 politely shake hands.

Steve: "Seeing we get the honour of showing you around, we'll give you the privilege of introducing Misses Mersham."
Raz: "Trust us when we say she's the most strict one of all teachers."
Steve: "Yeah, we try to annoy her as much as we can." Smile
Raz: "She's also the most boring because she teaches History."
Sly: "I hate History..."
Steve: "A guy after my own heart."
Raz: "Same. I think we'll get along just fine. Smile"

Both of them lower their heads from the loud yell as they turn around. The whole class snickers as Raz and Steve try to maintain themselves from laughing. As soon as Misses Mersham turns around, both start laughing silently.

Sly can't help but smile as well while shaking with his head.


The sound of the bell marks the intermission time as 2 hours have already passed.
Raz, Steve and Sly come walking out the classroom mixed within all other students.

Raz: "Man that was boring! My brain almost went numb!"
Steve: "Alright, break time. Just follow us Slyman."

Steve pats Sly on the shoulder a few times, keeping his hand on after the final pat while walking along side of him.
Out on the courtyard, all students gather.

Our trio walks over to a tribune which stands on both sides of a basketball field.
They position themselves on the lower bench.

Then, another kid arrives. Standing at 1m82 tall, the kid has very dark red eye pupils, from a distance, they look solid black. He has short black spiky hair with a blue trim. Clothing wise, he wears a black T-shirt and black pants with black shoes for footwear.

Raz: "Jet, meet Sly Ravage. Sly, Jet Moller."
Jet: "Hey."
Sly: "Hey, how's it going?"
Jet: "I'm fine. Just got out of P.E."

Jet then turns around.

Jet: "See the fat guy bullying those kids over there?"
Steve: "He in your class?"

Jet nods.

Jet: "Yeah. His name's Andy. He's new and is already bullying. He's a dumb fucker. Always picks on the small fries. We were playing soccer just then and I tackled him."

Raz and Steve smile widely.

Steve: "Nice."

Jet continues with an amusing tone.

Jet: "Héhé, he stood up all aggravated and came up to me, trying to act all tough. I didn't move a single inch and looked dead serious at him. He just walked away and never came near me again during the match."
Sly: "Héh, sounds like a casual bully."
Jet: "You know it."

Suddenly, Raz notices something as he starts patting Steve on the arm with the back of his hand.

Raz: "Look, look. He's walking over to that new guy."

In the distance, we see Andy walking over to a kid that is sitting lonesomly on the second row, feet on the first. He wears a hooded sweater, making it unable for them to see his face. Furthermore, he wears a black baggy training pants with white tribal markings. On his feet, he wears blue sport-like shoes.

Andy: "Hey you. You're sitting in my spot."

The youngster's head is seen lifting slightly, but not enough to show his full face. Only his mouth is left out the shadow showing him nibbling on a toothpick.
Andy walks up to him and starts talking louder.

Andy: "Didn't you hear me! I said you're sitting in my spot! That means you have to move you idiot!"

The hooded boy doesn't move at all and lowers his head again to the position it was before.
Andy grits his teeth and reaches out to grab the kid by the collar. Once he has a hold of him, the youngster suddenly moves. Within a few seconds, Andy's arm is twisted around behind his back and gets pressed against the ground. In all this time, the face of the boy still can't be seen.

Andy: "Auuw! What are you crazy man! You're hurting me like hell here!! Let go!! Let go!! Please let go!!!"

After screaming and begging, the kid finally lets go. He stands up and walks back to the bench, putting himself in the same spot.

Andy gets up, rubbing his shoulder.

Andy: "You're crazy man! Psycho!!"

In a panic, he runs away.
The kid slightly tilts his head to see him run off, while afterwards, taking a now broken toothpick from between his teeth.
He keeps it up, looking at it for a short while, before flinging it away. Reaching into his pocket, he takes out a new one.

Jet: "Now that was funny!"
Raz: "I second that. *Lols* We should get to know this guy."
Steve: "You know, they say that guy talks to himself."
Jet: "Well, I wouldn't be too surprised. I mean, he is sitting all by himself."
Sly: "What's his name?"
Raz: "No one knows."
Sly: "The people from his class must know..."

At that moment the bell rings loudly across the field.

Steve: "Well time to continue the mindless slavery."
Jet: "I'll see you guys during lunch. Nice meeting ya Sly."
Sly: "Same, see ya."
Raz: "What do we have now?"
Steve: "English."
Raz: "Oh boy...>_>"
Sly: "English isn't so bad."
Raz: "Trust me, this class is."
Sly: "Why..."
Steve: "'Cause when the dude talks, everyone falls asleep."
Raz: "He has like, the power to make people yaaaawnn."
Sly: *lols* "Having a power must be cool though."

Raz and Steven instantly look rather serious at one another.

Sly: "What?"

Raz drops his hand on Sly's shoulder.

Raz: "Slyman. We totally agree with you!"
Steve: "Yep."
Sly: "Glad to hear that. You don't find many people in this city like that."
Steve: "True be that! It's all because of that new mayor. He's against people with powers."
Sly: "I know. It sucks."

All three then walk inside, mixing themselves in the huge crowd.

To be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Savage Evolution!   Savage Evolution! EmptyTue Mar 24, 2009 6:44 am

Chapter 2: Meet Roan

Inside the classroom where Steve, Raz & Sly are following English, we see an entire class with eyes half closed, supporting their head in the most weird ways, just to stay awake.

Mr. Grugge, the English teacher, who stands in front of the class, is writing on the board and talking, but no one seems to be listening. He's partly bald on top, only hair on the sides, wears coronal glasses and has a chubby face. He wears a shirt with a square pattern with on top of that a grey pullover. He wears neat grey pants on top of simple brown shoes.

Sly's drowsy eyes divert to the clock on the wall above the door. It reads 11:59.
Then, the bell rings. Everyone jumps up, waking up again.

Mr. Grugge: "Alright class! Interrogation of chapter 2 next week. Don't forget to study!"

Everyone walks out like zombies. Sauntering, they all make their way to the cafeteria.

Sly: " weren't kidding when you said he makes people fall asleep."
Steve: "Just be glad we can eat now. That'll wake you up."

Moments later, we find our trio sitting at one of the tables. Jet quickly joins.
With a teasing tone and a broad smile, Jet starts asking...

Jet: "So how was English? Did you have fun?"

With a sleepy tone in their voices, all 3 reply at the same time: "Shut up..."
Jet can't help but laugh.

Steadily, everyone takes out their lunchbox and starts eating their sandwiches or other things they brought.
Suddenly, the sound of a struggle is heard followed by a smack on a table. Everyone quiets down and turns towards the scene when we hear a female voice shout.

Girl: "Touch my ass one more time without my permission, and you'll be eating through a straw from now on, you got that?"

Everyone sees a beautiful 16 year old girl standing at 1m76. She has short, near shoulder length black hair & sexy, enchanting emerald green eyes. She has a nice slim build, wearing a seductive school uniform with a short skirt. The top is black with white sleeves, along with the skirt being black. Her legs are covered by long white warm stockings on top of pretty black shoes with a small heel. (looks a lot like this, just without the claws:

Some can't help but snicker when they see her holding a 17 year old male in an arm lock, face smacked against the table.

She releases him and with a seductive walk, she continues down the cafeteria towards the door that leads outside.
When passing the table of our friends, her eyes stray off to our new student Sly, whose eyes make contact with hers. Both their eyes keep locked until she eventually looks forward again and continues walking with her small backpack hanging over her left shoulder.

Sly can't help but looking over his shoulder, to see her walk away.
Steve and Raz are already smiling.

Steve: "That's Roan Power. She's one of the hottest girls in school. She turned 16 this year and is surprisingly getting a lot of attention now."
Sly: "I wonder why."
Raz: "Just so you know, you don't stand a chance with her."
Sly: "I wasn't thinking off..."
Jet: "Oh come on."
Sly: "No seriously."
Raz: "Suure. You're eyes said different though."

As they continue to tease Sly, they find their bond growing stronger already.


Skipping ahead in time, we join up with the group as they're leaving school.

Steve: "Hey Jet, what are you gonna do now? Care to hang out?"
Jet: "Nah sorry man. Got a lot of homework to do."
Raz: "That sucks. How about you Sly?"
Sly: "Well I should...err..."

Sly's head starts looking the other way, when he appears to be in deep thoughts.

Sly: "Ah screw it. Sure I'm free. What do you guys wanna do?"
Steve: "Dunno, we'll make something up."
Jet: "Well, I'm gonna split. See you guys tomorrow."

Everyone says their goodbyes as Jet walks the other way, making his way home.
Sly, Steve and Raz walk the other way, making their way to the nearby city park.
Before reaching it however, Raz notices something in the distance.

Raz: "Hey guys, look over there."
Sly: "Smoke."

A big wreath of smoke is seen rising in the distance, coming from behind large houses.

Raz: "And where there's smoke..."
Steve: "There's fire! Come on!"

Steve and Raz instantly start running towards the scene as Sly keeps standing, confused for a second, before running after them.

When arriving, the 3 see a large lone building of 3 stories high completely set a blazing.
Even though they're standing a good 50m away, they can surely feel the heat coming off it.
We can see a man trying to douse the flames with his simple water hose, but it seems to have no effect what so ever.
A woman stands close to him, crying and shouting. Our group quickly understands her child is still inside.

Steve: "We gotta do something."
Sly: "Wohw, what? Are you crazy?"
Raz: "Close but not yet. We'll be fine, you stay here."
Steve: "Let's go Raz."

Both drop their backpacks and make their way to the house. Through the door, where the flames don't seem to be coming out, they enter the hot inferno.

Sly: "They're mad!"

Inside, we see both our companions shielding themselves from the heat as they make their way through the fiery corridor.
Suddenly, a wooden girder, covered in flames, falls down from above, blocking their path.

Raz: "Dude, I thought you could control fire! What the hell are you waiting for."

Steve slightly turns around towards Raz, little bit annoyed, when making gestures with his hands.

Steve: "Take it easy will ya!"

Steve turns around again and takes on a firm stance. He opens both his palms, holding them out in front of his body and starts to subtract the flames from around the debris blocking their path and into his hands. Without hesitation, he makes the flames dissolve.

A sturdy kick breaks the weakened girder.

Steve: "There, happy now Tin Can?"
Raz: "Don't call me that."

Both continue their way down the corridor when they find a staircase, filled with flames, blocking their way through.
Once more, Steve puts out his hands, but now places both palms of his hands against each other. Slowly, he starts separating them. Along with it, the flames on the stairs start opening up.

Raz: "I'm sure Moses would be proud of you now."

With a grin on his face, Raz walks by Steve while placing his hand on his friend's shoulder as he walks by and goes up the stairs. Steve follows instantly.

Arriving on the second floor, they quickly hear a child shouting.
Making their way to where the sound is coming from, they once more find some debris in their way. Steve once more reduces the flames to nothing but this time the debris is much bigger and harder to break.

Steve: "I can't break this, but you can."
Raz: "Yeah, just gimme a sec to--"

Suddenly, Raz' eyes shock.

Raz: "Ah crap! Euh...Steve, gimme your lighter quick!"
Steve: "My lighter!? What the hell for!? Don't you have enough fire as it is!?"
Raz: "I forgot my hammer! It's in my pack and with all the commotion I forgot to take it out!"

Sighing deeply in annoyance, Steve reaches for his right pocket and takes out a metal lighter that is covered in an image of flames.

Steve: "You're lucky this thing's made out of metal."
Raz: "Yeah yeah."

Raz takes the lighter from Steve's hand and holds it tightly in his closed fist. Quickly enough, his fist and a part of his forearm starts to get covered by what seems to look like a coat of bionic metal.

Raz: "RRUAAG!"

With a firm punch, Raz breaks the debris into splinters.

Steve: "Good job, now gimme back my lighter."
Raz: "Easy there Mr. hot pants."

Raz returns the lighter to Steve making his arm return to normal as well.

Steve and Raz walk inside the room, finding it filled with flames. Just inside a corner, they find a small girl, approximately 7 years old, screaming and crying. Flames are all around her, but she is in a spot where no flames have reached yet.

Raz: "Come on man, she's right there!"
Steve: "I'm on it!"

Steve separates the flames and holds them to the side while Raz slowly makes his way forward to the child. Shielding himself from the heat, he arrives soon enough, grabs the girl and picks her up, covering her as much as he can.

Raz: "Got'r now let’s get the hell out of here!!"
Steve: "Don't use the word 'hell' in a situation like this!!"

Steve turns around to make his way back out, but the flames are starting to get more intense along with the house starting to crack, losing its strength.

Raz: "This is looking very bad!"

Steve walks into the corridor, finding their path completely blocked by flames. He turns around, to see the corridor end on a wall.

Steve: "Alright here's the plan. The corridor ends on a wall, there are no flames yet there."

Steve takes out his lighter again, holding it out to Raz.

Steve: "Give me the girl and make a hole through that wall!"
Raz: "We're on the goddamn 2nd floor! Can't you just clear the way back."
Steve: "There's too much flames! I can't keep it all under control yet! You know that!"
Raz: "Djeez, you should start training then."
Steve: "Look who's talking. You can't even cover your entire body yet let alone lift a car or make it hover."
Raz: "Alright alright, here."

Raz hands Steve the girl and takes his lighter. Once more he turns his fist into metal and walks towards the wall. With a sturdy charged punch, the whole wall is shattered to pieces. Raz turns his fist back to normal afterwards.

Sly sees the wall breaking on his side and sees the 2 standing in the opening. He instantly runs towards the side of the house, covering himself from the heat as he gets near.

Sly: "Throw me the kid!"
Raz: "Are you sure you can catch her!?"
Raz: "Alright little girl, you best close your eyes now, we're gonna make a little flying trip ok."

The little girl nods with fear and tears in her eyes before closing them.
Raz holds out the girl horizontally and drops her from as low as he can. Smoothly, Sly catches her like he said he would.

Steve: "Great, now we just have to get out of here."

Raz jumps down, landing smoothly. Quickly after him comes Steve, who squats down as he lands.

Steve: "Nice catch there Sly."
Sly: "Nice rescue operation. Hats off!"

All 3 walk away from the side, revealing themselves to the parents who are overjoyed to have their daughter back.
Covered with black spots, Raz and Steve are happy, and so is Sly to see the family be reunited.

Suddenly, a strange yet strong gust of wind blows past. It's so strong the flames all diminish and are as good as extinguished.

Sly: "Wow. That was weird."
Raz: "Yeah, that was very peculiar."

From across the street, behind the corner of wall, we see Roan standing. Her head slightly peeks from around the corner as we see her smiling before walking away.

On top of one of the houses behind where Roan was, we see the hooded kid, nibbling on his toothpick, watching from a distance.

On that very moment, 3 fire trucks arrive at the scene.

Moments later, we find Steve, Sly & Raz making their way home.

Sly: "Honestly, that was amazing stuff guys. I don't know how you 2 pulled it off but I'm glad I got to see it."

Raz and Steve look at each other, their eyes look serious and somewhat determent. Suddenly, Steve nods.

Raz: "Well, to be honest, we both have powers."
Sly: "Wow really? Cool."
Steve: "We normally don't tell this to anyone, but you're a really cool guy."
Sly: "Well thanks, héhé. So what can you guys do?"
Steve: "Well I can manipulate Fire."
Raz: "And I can manipulate Metal."
Sly: "Awesome. You guys are so lucky. I wish I had one too..."
Steve: "Hey, who knows, you might have a power."
Sly: "Nah, I doubt it. Otherwise it would've surfaced already."
Steve: "Well I discovered mine only last year."
Raz: "Mine surfaced around 1 year and half ago."
Sly: "See, if I would have one, it would've surfaced already, right?"
Steve: "I guess."
Sly: "I'll just have to face it that I'm just a normal guy."
Raz: "Nothing wrong with that."
Sly: "Well anyway, I have to go that way now."

Coming to an intersection, they stand at the corner while Sly's pointing in the left direction.

Steve: "So you live in the outskirts of the city huh?"
Sly: "Yeah. It's more quiet there."
Raz: "Well, I have to go straight ahead so I'll see you tomorrow."
Steve: "Yeah and I have to take a right here, so this is where we split anyway."
Sly: "Ké, later guys."
Steve: "Later!"

The trio separates, Sly taking the left street, Raz the one ahead and Steve the right. All 3 go their separate ways, making their way home.

To be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Savage Evolution!   Savage Evolution! EmptyTue Mar 24, 2009 6:45 am

Chapter 3: Tony Keleston

Steve: "Hey Jet, what are you gonna do now? Care to hang out?"
Jet: "Nah sorry man. Got a lot of homework to do."
Raz: "That sucks. How about you Sly?"
Sly: "Well I should...err..."

Sly's head starts looking the other way, when he appears to be in deep thoughts.

Sly: "Ah screw it. Sure I'm free. What do you guys wanna do?"
Steve: "Dunno, we'll make something up."
Jet: "Well, I'm gonna split. See you guys tomorrow."

Everyone says their goodbyes as Jet walks the other way, making his way home.

Not hurrying himself, Jet walks home at a steady pace.
After some time, Jet comes to an open, yet rather empty parking lot which he has to cross. Coming from behind a wall, the sun that is still shining bright, though already hanging low enough, shines directly into Jet's face.

Jet: "Gah...damned bright sunlight."

A voice then suddenly speaks up.

???: "What's wrong? Can't stand a little light?"

Startled, Jet turns around, only to find a kid, same age as Jet, sitting on a 2m tall wall. This kid is a white male, with a lightly tanned skin, who stands at 1m75 tall. He has light-brown eyes, light brown hair, with a punk-ish hairstyle as it all stands up. (like this: He wears a dark-purple T-shirt that carry white letters reading: 'Ripped to the Bone'. Pants wise, he wears a normal, not tight but not lose either, dark-blue pants. On his feet, he wears simple white sneakers, which are black around the heel.

Jet: "Tony Keleston."
Tony: "You remember my name. Good, cause I still know yours, Jet Moller!"
Jet: "What do you want Tony."

Tony jumps off the large wall and lands before Jet. With a sly grin on his face, he walks up to Jet.

Tony: "Revenge."
Jet: "Revenge? For what?"
Tony: "For what you did to me 3 years ago."


Inside a classroom, filled with 14 year old kids, we see all kids chatting and making lots of noise. The teacher seems to be out as there is no one to supervise.

Jet: Payback time.

Jet walks over to the young Tony who is sitting at his desk. Whilst walking, Jet brings out a small water pistol from his pocket. As he nears Tony, Jet aims for his crotch and sprays the water pistol.

Tony: "HEY WHAT THE...!"

Angry and annoyed, Tony stands up as Jet backs up.

Jet: "Get him!"

Startled, Tony turns around, but finds no one standing there. Jet however, planned this and quickly pulls a wedgy on Tony.
The whole class notices this and stars laughing. Jet then shouts.

Jet: "Look, he even pissed his pants!"

The whole class laughs tremendously hard, making Tony angry, mixed with sadness.

*End Flashback*

With a rather amusing tone, Jet replies.

Jet: "Ohow, that. Yeah...good times."
Tony: "Nggg! This is the day I'll make you pay!"

Tony clenches his fists, ready to give Jet a beating.

Jet: "Dude, you broke my 100 Darro cell phone!!"
Tony: "No I didn't! That was your own stupid fault!"
Jet: "You fuck! You know you broke it and that's why I got back at you!!"
Tony: "Doesn't matter, you made a fool out of me back then, and now, I'm gonna make you pay!"

Tony takes a few quick steps forward and throws the first punch at Jet. Jet can barely dodge, but a swift knee strike to his side brings him down on his knees.

Jet: "Agh."

Tony takes a step back, to charge a firm forward stomp. However, this time Jet counters and grabs hold of Tony's foot.
Tony is slightly shocked and attempts to get free, but Jet holds on tightly. With a swift yank, Jet gets back on his feet and makes Tony jump forward in order for him to maintain his balance. Jet instantly pushes forward as Tony lands and there for knocks him over.

Quickly, Jet drops his backpack on the floor and out of the way.

Tony: "Grrr!! Enough of this shit!"

As Tony gets up, Jet takes a few steps back and gets in a defensive fighting pose. Though what he sees next, makes him look in surprise.
Tony starts to frown, focussing as it would seem when suddenly light brown spikes shoot from his forearms. These spikes end on a sharp end and look like the same structure as human bones. They're not smooth either, but more waved.

Jet: "Holy shit..."

Jet backs up from the shock but finds himself bumping against a wall.

Jet: Damn!

His expression quickly changes to a worried one when he sees Tony holding out his right arm up towards the left.

Tony: "You'll pay today Jet!"

With a swift swing, Tony fires a few shards out of his arm.

Jet: "Ngg!!"

The spikes pin Jet to the wall with his clothes, though not all have missed. 2 of these shards have made a cut, ripping Jet's clothing and causing for a blood dripping wound. 1 cut on his shoulder, 1 on his waist.

Jet: "Agh!"
Tony: "Looks like I pinned ya! HAHAHA!"
Jet: "Hilarious."
Tony: "Huh."

Tony is confused that Jet is not frozen in fear.

Jet: "So you have a power."
Tony: "That's right. I have the ability to create spikes from my body's bone structure."
Jet: "So bone manipulation."
Tony: "You could say it like that."
Jet: "Good to know. Oh and just so you know, this was one of my favourite shirts asshole!"

With his 2 hands that were never pinned, he yanks out the 2 spikes that are located at his shoulders. The others quickly follow as Jet simply drops the spikes on the ground.

Jet: "And now, I'm pissed."

To Tony's surprise, Jet makes a strange movement with 1 of his hands. Suddenly Jet's shadow shrinks at his feet and is seen crawling over Jet's body, making its way the hands.

Jet: "If you think you're the only one with a power, you're sadly mistaken."

Tony's expression reflects a startled mixed one with slight fear.
Jet on the other hand looks very determent and is now seen with 2 black fists, surrounded by his shadow.

Jet: "Darkness and shadows are my power. UUAAHH!!"

With a mighty roar, Jet pushes out one of his fists, sending a black shadow "blast". Tony is too shocked to react on time and gets a strong hit from the black ball directly in the face.

Tony falls over, and hits the floor hard on his back. Scratches are left behind on his countenance as he looks more annoyed now. Gritting his teeth and clenching his fists, tony gets up again while slowly bringing out some spikes from his forearms.

However, Jet has already come in closer, and with the shadow around his fists, he drives his hand into Tony's stomach.
The extra power provided by the shadows creates an increased damage on the strike. Tony clenches his gut, bending forward and falls on the ground. His pins retract slowly as he twitches with his legs.

Jet makes his shadow return to its spot, stretching it again so it becomes a normal shadow once more.
He then takes a depressed, yet annoyed at the same time, look at shirt which is torn and pierced with holes.

Jet: "Now I'm gonna have to come up with an excuse for my mom!"

When hearing sirens in the far distance, Jet turns around all startled.

Jet: No way cops would come to take us in. No one saw us fighting....right?

Jet starts looking around, but finds no one. Though when he looks over to Tony's spot, he doesn't find his adversary where he should be. As Jet takes a few steps towards the street, he sees Tony running off in the distance.

Jet: "Typical..."

The sirens close in, making Jet turn towards them again, stepping back so that he's pressed against the wall.

Jet: They're almost here...

Slightly worried, Jet remains with the thought of cops coming his way. Though quickly enough, he sees 3 fire trucks passing by at high speed.

Jet: "Huh? Fire trucks? Phew..." Though I wonder...I hope Steve didn't set it in motion.

Jet seems to be mind-struggling as his eyes just glare into the distance.

Jet: Nah, he couldn't have.

Jet turns around, walking over to his backpack, picking it up and swinging it over his right shoulder.

Jet: *sigh* "Now what would I tell mom...?"

Sinking away into deep thoughts once more, Jet walks off, continuing his way home.


We see the mysterious kid standing on top of one of the rooftops, still nibbling on his toothpick, still wearing his hood.
The mysterious boy looks at the scene in the distance, watching Sly catching the girl from the 2nd floor.
Then he sees Roan sneaking up to the corner of the alleyway that gives out on the street where the burning building is on the other side.

Roan doesn't seem to notice the kid standing there, up high. He then sees her standing in the ally opening, looking dead on the burning building. She is seen spreading her legs a bit, taking on a firm stance. Strangely enough, she brings both her elbows back, and with that her hands at her waist.
Then, with open palms, she pushes both her hands forward. A firm gust of wind is heard and seen created as it blows out the flames of the building. Within a split second, she takes cover behind the wall, only to come peaking from behind it.

She is then seen walking away quickly, as if she could be detected any moment.
The kid turns his head, following her movements 'till she disappears from his sight before looking in the distance to see Sly, Raz & Steve walking on.

We zoom in and focus on the kid's half-visible face.

???: "They contain strong powers."

A female voice is heard then, but as we remain focussed on the hooded youngster, we don't see her. We just hear her voice coming from behind him.

??1: "What about the boy?"
???: "I will try to approach him as soon as I can. But I haven't seen him do anything yet. Are you sure it's him?"
??1: "No mistake, he's the one."
???: "I hope you're right."

Without further ado, the kid walks off.

To Be Continued...

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Chapter 4: His name is Dodjer

The next day, around noon, we find Sly, Raz & Steve waiting in the line at the cafeteria, waiting to get their food.

Steve: "Mmmm, mashed potatoes with a nice sauce and...ahh man soo hungry!"

Sly's looking around while waiting in the line when he eventually asks...

Sly: "Hey guys, where's Jet?"
Raz: "Oh he had to go catch up on a test."
Sly: "Ah...that sucks. For him that is..."
Raz: "Tell me about it, plus he's missing the delicious food!"
Steve: "Come on, come on. People are hungry!"

A few minutes later, they all have their food on their tablet and start searching for a table.

Raz: "There's an empty spot over there."

Raz looks in the direction of the empty spot and starts walking towards it. Steve and Sly follow.
As they arrive, Steve sits himself down on the other side of where Raz is planning to place himself. Sly needs to walk past Raz to get to the empty spot on Raz's right, who is still standing up, only with one leg over the bench.

Raz: "Ah man, forgot a fork and knife."

Forgetting that Sly still has to pass by, Raz turns around and accidentally smashes into Sly's tablet. The tablet flies up a bit, turning over, dropping all the food on one of the kids sitting at the other table.

Sly: "Ah man! RAZ!"
Raz: " bad."
Sly: "Thanks a bunch man."

The guy on who the food was spilled stands up, very agitated and turns around, to face Sly.
Sly turns around, lifting his head a bit as he has to look up at the taller boy. This boy is a white male, standing firmly at 1m88 tall. He has a firm, rather large build. He has grey eyes and messy blue, spiked hair that stands & spikes out even on the back of his head. On the front, 2 short bangs hang out to each side. He wears a wide white open jacket with black rings at the end of the sleeves, black stripes running over the shoulder section and the line on the inside, where the buttons/zipper is, is also black. Under this white vest, he wears a dark-blue tank top. As pants, he wears grey baggy pants with also black borderlines. On his feet, he wears dark-brown boots (though not heavy boots) that pack his entire foot and ankle. On his hands, he wears white/black combat gloves with an opening on the back of the palm.

An annoyed breath roars through his throat.

Raz: "Tyson, look it was an accident."
Tyson: "Breaking his nose, that's the accident."
Sly: "Look, I'm really sorry, but it wasn't my fault."

Tyson grits his teeth even more.
Suddenly, a familiar voice speaks up.

Tony: "You must be friends of Jet, am I right?"
Raz: "That's right. Who the hell are you."

Tony, who was sitting next to Tyson, quickly starts to snicker.

Tony: "None of your business. Tyson, I say knock yourself out."

Aggravated, Tyson replies.

Tyson: "I'm gonna knock him out. RRRUUAAH!!"
Sly: "Ah man..."

Tyson raises his large fist in a tantrum and plunges it forward. Sly sidesteps, dodging the punch. Tyson starts throwing some more punches as Sly backs up, dodging all.

Whilst dodging, Sly starts talking.

Sly: "Look man, you don't want to fight me."

Meanwhile the whole cafeteria has taken note on the rumble and have started shouting: "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Raz then wants to go in to help Sly but Steve stops him.

Steve: "Raz! Don't, leave it to him."
Raz: "But Tyson is a lot stronger than he is."
Steve: "How do you know?"

Steve says with a slight grin.
Raz looks a bit confused, but knows that he doesn't really know that.

Steve: "I wanna see how well he can hold himself against Tyson."

A heavy punch from Tyson then smashes in to one of the thick support pillars as Sly simply dodges once more.

Sly: "Weak?! Insect?!"

Sly stops backing up now and stands more firm, ready to defend himself more heavily now.

Tyson: "That's better!"

Tyson charges in, and throws a heavy punch towards Sly's face. Standing next to another support pillar, Sly dodges the punch, jumps up to the pillar and uses it to push himself off for a swift kick.
The kick hits Tyson straight in the jaw, making him fall over. His mouth instantly starts to bleed.

The whole cafeteria shouts, whoops and whistles.

Raz: "Wow, that was nice and quick."
Steve: "He's experienced on the area of fighting."
Raz: "You knew?"
Steve: "Not really, just had a hunch."
Tony: "Come on Tyson! Get him!!"

Next to Tony, who was sitting on the other side of Tyson earlier, sits a 16 year old white male. He is 1m80 tall, has greenish-yellow eyes, long black hair with multiple locks hanging over his forehead past his eyes though his ears aren't covered by hair. He wears a dark green long sleeved shirt with 2 identical yellow shadows of a male character, with a brown jacket overtop. Furthermore, he wears a black leather pants and dark green, casual shoes.

???: "Go help him Tony."
Tony: "Shut up Ranox, he can do this alone!"

Ranox looks a little bit ticked off getting silenced but seems to comply in silence none the less.
Meanwhile, Tyson has gotten up again, more angry then before.

Sly looks very determent now, taking on a defensive pose. Tyson once more readies an attack when a loud voice shouts through the cafeteria.


Tyson instantly freezes, stopping his attack.
As we look over to the voice, we see it's no one else then Principal Shirwood.

Tyson: Crap, the old fart.
Principal: "Mr. Drayman, 3 hours detention. Mr. Ravage, 1 hour detention!"
Sly: "But he attacked me!!"
Principal: "The rule states no fighting in school and you have clearly fought a moment ago!"
Sly: "What was I supposed to do!? Just stand there and let him hit me?!"
Principal: "Watch your tone Mr. Ravage! Or the hours might rise!"

Not finished with what he has to say, Sly swallows none the less and silences.
Angered, he walks back to Steve and Raz.

Tyson: "I'll see you later, Ravage."

Sly simply ignores the remark and sits down.

Principal: "What is everyone still looking at! Back to your business! Eat your food!"

The principal looks over to Tyson with an angered expression.

Principal: "That means you too Mr. Drayman!"

Tyson walks towards his seat, but seeing that is close to Sly, the principal yells once more.

Principal: "Where do you think you're going Mr. Drayman!?"

Annoyed, Tyson replies.

Tyson: "Dude! I was sitting right there!!"
Principal: "Alright then, go ahead."

With much aggravation inside, Tyson tits down again. The principal walks over to the support beam standing across from the "corridor" where Sly's and Tyson's tables are to keep an eye on things.

Raz: "Nice move you made there."
Sly: "Thanks. Stupid principal giving me detention just cause I defended myself."
Steve: "That's how it goes around here. Don't worry, we've all been there."

Steve and Raz then each give a bit of their portions to Sly so all 3 have the same amount.

Steve: "Eat up. You need the strength."
Raz: "And if it wasn't for me, you'd be enjoying this meal anyway."

A slight smile then appears on Sly's face.

Sly: "Thanks guys."
Steve: "Though, watch your back from now on. Tyson is not a guy that easily forgets."
Sly: "Thanks for the warning."
Raz: "How long did he say you had detention?"
Sly: "1 freaking hour."
Steve: "We'll wait at the school gates then."
Raz: "Yeah."

Tyson: "I'm gonna get that little punk later. After his detention is up, make sure you 2 are ready to grab him and knock him out. Then wait for me."
Ranox: "Right."
Tony: "We'll teach him who's boss."

(continues in next post)

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Hours later, Sly and Tyson are sitting in detention class with the principal supervising.
Sly's time is as good as up and the principal tells him he can go.

With a slightly evil grin, Sly smiles at Tyson as he walks out. Tyson smiles sarcastically.

Tyson: Keep smiling Ravage. I'll see you in a few.

As Sly walks through the halls of the school, passing the lockers, Ranox suddenly pops up in front of him, blocking his way.

Ranox: "Hello Sly."
Sly: "Do I know you?"
Ranox: "Not really, but I know you since lunch."
Sly: "Oh I remember. You're friends with Tyson."
Ranox: "That's right. And he wants revenge on you."

Not worried, Sly replies with slight laughter in his voice.

Sly: "Tsuh, so what, you gonna block my path or try to knock me out? Well come on then."
Ranox: *grins* "My pleasure."

Sly's smile quickly fades away, making place for a more startled expression when he sees Ranox splitting up making 3 duplicates of himself.

Sly: O_o "Fucking hell!"

The original Ranox speaks up.

Ranox: "How do you like me now. Not so tough anymore are we."

Sly instantly drops his backpack, preparing himself for combat. The first copy of Ranox attacks, followed by the other 2. The real Ranox doesn't move and decides to watch first.

Ranox 1 (the first duplicate) throws a punch, but Sly ducks, grabs him by pushing one shoulder against his stomach and flips him over his shoulder. Ranox 2 & 3 then come running at Sly, both intending to kick him from each side. Sly looks surprised as he sees the 2 legs closing in. Quickly enough, he steps back while retracting his stomach, making the kicks miss and hit each other.

Ranox 2: "Auw! Watch it you idiot!"
Ranox 3: "Who are you calling an idiot ya moron!"
OV Ranox: "Hey! Stop arguing and get him!"

Ranox 1 meanwhile has gotten back on his feet and jumps Sly on the back. Sly swings around with him, trying to get him off his back, but to no avail. Ranox 2 then comes in, fist recoiled. Sly's eyes widen and he quickly turns around, making Ranox 2 punch straight into Ranox 1's back. The punch made Ranox 1 release his grip around Sly, freeing him again.

Sly quickly steps back, making a firm defensive pose. None of the Ranoxes attack though. Suddenly, a hand grabs Sly's head on the side and slams it into the lockers next to him, hard enough to knock him unconscious.

Tony: "4 of you and still you can't beat him."

We see Ranox's clones walk back into the original Ranox.

Ranox: "It's their fault, not mine."
Tony: "They're your friggin clones!"

Ranox walks over to Tony and Sly.

Tony: "Enough arguing. Get his feet."

As instructed, Ranox picks Sly up by the feet while Tony lifts him by the armpits.
They are seen dragging Sly over to the gym.

Moments later, Sly opens his eyes. To his shock, Tyson is standing before him. Tony and Ranox stand on each side of him. All 3 are snickering and smiling evilly.

Sly quickly looks around and notices he's in the middle of the wooden floored gym.

Sly: "Aren't you supposed to be in detention."
Tyson: "I needed to use the bathroom."

With a more broad grin, Tyson charges his fist. Sly reacts faster though and stomps him straight in the gut. Quickly, he attempts to turn around and run, or at least, get up on his feet and make some distance between him and the trio.
Though as Sly is nearly up on his feet, Ranox and Tony each grab a foot and yank him back, making him fall on his chin.

They instantly turn him around to let Tyson beat him up. Ranox and Tony quickly join in as well, punching and kicking him.
After a few punches, Sly's face is already bleeding rather severely from his mouth, nose and a wound on his forehead. He tries to shield himself, but it doesn't help.

Outnumbered, though building anger with every hit he receives, Sly is getting hit hard in several areas. Screaming from agony, for no one to hear him.


Outside, we see the toothpick nibbling kid walking, but this time, hoodless. His face is now clearly seen, showing us an 18 year old, firm build, with wild dark brown medium-length hair and dark-green eyes. His backpack hangs on his back, showing that he's coming from a late class or something else that kept him occupied for so long.

Walking over a large grassy field which borders with the courtyard, he suddenly sees a flash in the corner of his eye.
As he looks over to the large gym building, looking through the high hanging, large windows, he sees all large ceiling lights getting some sort of short circuit as sparks of electricity are seen connecting the lights, making them explode.

In awe, the kid doesn't seem to comprehend how it's happening.
In the rest of the school, the lights start to blink. The principal looks at the lights in question.

Then, in a flash, the kid sees the electricity striking down in the centre of the gym. Without any further delay, he starts sprinting towards the outside gym door. In the rest of the school, the lights completely fail. Principal Shirwoord instantly gets up and walks towards the door in annoyance.

On the direct opposite side of the building, Raz, Jet and Steve are standing at the school gate. From at the gate, they see the same thing happening as they look with stunned expressions.

When the strike happens, they seem to startle, as they take a step back. They look at each other for a second, before running towards the gym.


Meanwhile, back inside the gym, we see Tyson, Tony and Ranox sitting on their ass, seemingly stumped, around Sly.

All 3 slowly get up and walk towards their victim.

Tyson: "That little punk! Now I'm gonna beat you up even more!!"

At that moment, a finger taps Tyson on the shoulder. In a normal reaction, Tyson turns around in wonder.
One firm head but floors Tyson as we see the toothpick nibbling kid standing with a serious and determent expression.

Tyson then start to yell, but his voice sounds faded, as his hands are holding his nose.

Tyson: "My nose! I think you broke my nose!! Nggg! Do you want to die!?"
???: "You're really brave, 3 against 1."

Tyson gets back on his feet.

Tyson: "Ngg!! Who the hell do you think you are!?"
???: "The name's Dodjer."
Tyson: "Dodjer huh? Sounds like a punk's name to me. And I hate punks! Get'em!!!"

All 3 charge in at the same time, though suddenly, we hear a strange charging sound.
A dark, strange sounding "explosion", sends all 3 flying back, off the ground, only to land hard on their backs.

As we look back at Dodjer, we see him holding both hands out, upside down, palms open and smoke coming from both.

At that moment, Jet, Raz and Steve come rushing through the door. They don't know what to make of it when they see Dodjer standing, looking over his shoulder now at the 3, Sly lying on the floor, knocked out completely, and Tyson and his friends getting back up on their feet on the other side of the gym.

Raz: "Hey!!"
Tony: Fuck, not him!
Jet: "You!!"
Ranox: "Shit! We can't take'em all. Let's scram!!"

Ranox stumbles up to his feet and makes a quick getaway to the other door near him.

Tony: "I'll get you some other time Jet!"

Tony instantly follows, leaving Tyson behind.

Tyson: "You've won this battle, but I'll get you!"

Making threatening remarks while pointing at Dodjer and looking at Steve, Raz & Jet, Tyson runs after his companions.
Dodjer quickly clears things up further.

Dodjer: "They're the ones who did this to him, not me."
Steve: "Ngg!! LET'S GO GET THEM!!"

Steve starts running in anger after Tyson followed by Raz and Jet.

Dodjer then walks over to Sly, taking a closer look to see how he's doing.
Surprisingly, he notices electricity running over Sly's hand before it fades away.

Dodjer: "Hmmm."


Back with Jet, Steve and Raz, they come outside only to see Tyson running out the school's entrance.
Steve runs around the corner as well, seeing Tyson running in the distance.

Steve quickly grabs for his lighter, and makes a flame with it. Just when he's about to lift his hand to make a fireball, Raz pushes his hand with the lighter down.

Raz: "Steve don't!"

Raz looks to the entrance courtyard to see Principal Shirwood walking outside and making his way to the gym.

Steve: "Shit."
Jet: "We'll get them later. Come on!"

Instantly they start running back towards the gym.

To be continued...
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Chapter 5: Rejuvenation

Raz: "Steve don't!"

Raz looks to the entrance courtyard to see Principal Shirwood walking outside and making his way to the gym.

Steve: "Shit."
Jet: "We'll get them later. Come on!"

Instantly they start running back towards the gym.


Back inside the gym...


Dodjer's head instantly turns in surprise.

Principal: "Oh my god!"

The principal sees Sly all beat up and quickly runs towards him.

Principal: "Did you..."
Dodjer: "Sir, I swear to god I had nothing to do with it. It was Tyson and his gang that did this to him. I merely stopped them before they could make it worse."

Then, Jet, Raz & Steve stumble back inside.

Steve: "Is he alright?"
Dodjer: "I think he'll survive."
Jet: "He's still out cold?"

Dodjer nods.

Principal: "And what are you 3 still doing here."
Raz: "We were waiting for Sly to finish his detention when we saw ele--"

Subtle, Steve gives him a nudge from behind.

Raz: "Err...arhem we saw Tyson going towards the gym, so we decided to check out what they were up to." Smile

With an innocent smile, Raz stands before the principal.

Principal: "And what about you Mr. Parony?"
Dodjer: "I had to catch up with a late test. When I passed the doors, I saw movement inside through the windows. I found Tyson, Ranox and Tony beating up this student."
Principal: "Running from detention huh. Mr. Drayman just got himself into a lot more trouble than he can imagine."

Then the principal sees glass bits lying around. He looks up to see all lights shattered and broken.

Dodjer: "Short circuit probably. The whole school's lights WERE blinking after all."
Steve: "You should have it checked sir. We'll get Sly home."

The principal glares in suspicion, but lets them go.

Principal: "Alright. Make sure he gets home safe or I will hold you 4 responsible."
Steve: "Where's his backpack?"
Jet: "I'll go search for it."

Dodjer picks Sly up in his arms and carries him as he walks towards the door. Raz & Steve walk along, opening the doors for him. Jet runs off towards the hallways.

Once outside...

Dodjer: "I'm Dodjer by the way."
Raz: "Raz."
Steve: "I'm Steve."

As they near the school's gate, Jet joins up with Sly's backpack.

Steve: "And this is Jet."
Jet: "Hey."
Steve: "Jet, this is Dodjer."
Jet: "So does anyone know where Sly lives?"

As it hits them, Steve and Raz looks stunned at one another.

Dodjer: "Don't worry. I know where he lives."

All 3 look at him in question.

Raz: "Mkay and how do you know that?"
Dodjer: "I have my sources."


Not much later, at Sly's home, Mrs. Ravage, a woman in her early 40's, opens the door in shock as she sees the state her son is in.

Mrs. R: O_O "Oh dear god! What the hell happened to my son!?!"
Dodjer: "Could we first put him on a couch or bed or something."
Mrs. R: "Yes, yes, of course, come in quickly."

All 4 walk inside, Dodjer puts Sly on the first big couch he finds.

Mrs. R: "I always knew that fighting would end up bad. *sigh* Oh Sly... Now tell me, how did this happen?"
Steve: "During lunch he accidentally spilled his food on a kid named Tyson. You can imagine he wasn't too fond of that happening and started attacking Sly."
Raz: "Yeah but Sly managed to avoid getting hit and floored Tyson eventually. Until the principal walked in..."
Steve: "That's when he got 1 hour detention."
Mrs. R: "I should've known..."
Raz: "Well, apparently Tyson, Tony and Ranox beat him up after his detention was over."
Mrs. R: "3 against 1, how dare they!"
Dodjer: "Exactly my thought m'am."
Steve: "Dodjer here stopped Tyson though, as far as I know."
Mrs. R: "Well thank you very much young man."
Dodjer: "It was nothing m'am."

At that moment, Sly regains his conscious.

Sly: "Ugh...ngg ah damnit!!!"
Dodjer: "You might wanna lie still."
Mrs. R: "Sly, you don't move an inch you read me!?"
Sly: "Yes mom..."
Mrs. R: "I'm gonna get some stuff to clean these wounds."

Sly then sees Dodjer standing, and focuses his eyes as if he's thinking about something.

Sly: "I remember you. You're the guy that floored that bully."
Dodjer: "My name's Dodjer."
Sly: "If you don't mind, we'll shake hands later...nch..."

Dodjer merely smiles a bit.

Dodjer: "Héh, no problem."
Sly: "Ah man, I'm aching all over. Especially my chest."
Dodjer: "I think you have mostly bruised bones, but by the feel of it earlier, you might have 1 or 2 broken ribs."
Sly: "Oh man! I'm so gonna get those 3. Nggg!!"

Suddenly, the lights of the house begin to blink slightly.
All look around in wonder.

Dodjer: "You might wanna remain calm for the time being."
Sly: "Why!? I'm boiling!!"
Dodjer: "Because you can't do anything until you're properly healed."
Steve: "What's with the lights?"
Raz: "I dunno."

Then, Mrs. Ravage comes back in with a bowl of water, some cotton wool and other products to clear the wounds.

Mrs. R: "This will sting."
Sly: "I know..."

With some desinfectation on a piece of wool, she starts dipping on the wounds.

Steve: "Ouch..."
Mrs. R: "Oh Sly don't be a baby. You should be used to this by now."
Sly: "It's been a while since I got my ass kicked mom."
Mrs. R: "Well don't let it happen again."

Moments later, all wounds are cleaned and patched.
Though told to stay down, Sly tries to sit up.
Pain instantly shoots through his body.

Sly: "Aaagh!"
Jet: "Stay down man. You need to take it easy."
Sly: "Nonsense, I'm, gnn, fine..."
Mrs. R: "Sly! Down now!

Sly freezes, stares at his mom who is looking with glaring eyes and eventually complies.

Sly: "...Fine."

All start laughing, Sly merely sighs.

Mrs. R: "Well I'm gonna go clean up a bit then."

Mrs. Ravage walks out of the room.

Jet: "So Dodjer, what can you do?"
Dodjer: "What do you mean?"
Jet: "I mean power wise, what can you do."
Dodjer: "How are you so sure I can do something."
Jet: "When we walked in, I could see smoke fading from your hands. You might be able to fool these 2, but not me."
Steve/Raz: "Hey!"
Jet: "What?"
Steve/Raz: "...yeah alright..."
Dodjer: "Héh."
Sly: "So wait, you...err...saved me...?"
Dodjer: "I happened to be around yes."
Jet: "So what about it. You gonna tell us?"
Dodjer: "You're no fool Jet. Very well then, I have control over Plasma Energy."
Steve: "Cool. I can manipulate Fire!"
Raz: "I can manipulate metal."
Jet: "And I can manipulate the darkness and shadows!"
Sly: "Wow really?!"
Jet: "Yeah."
Sly: "Awesome."
Raz: "Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that last night."
Jet: "Yeah, you guys told me you told him but you didn't tell me you forgot to mention I had powers."
Dodjer: "And you Sly? What can you do?"
Sly: "Me? Oh I don't have any powers..."
Dodjer: o_o So he doesn't know... hmmm. I'm gonna have to take him to Ed.
Sly: "By the way, did you guys know Ranox is able to duplicate himself?"
Raz: "Really!? Ranox has a power?!"
Steve: "Wow, never knew that."
Jet: "You guys saw Tony right."
Steve: "Is he the brown haired kid with his hair all standing up."
Jet: "That's the one."
Sly: "He was with Tyson. Man I'm so gonna get those 3 after I'm better!"
Dodjer: "You'll be out for at least 2 weeks. You should stay at home and rest as much as you can."
Sly: "Great. 2 days at a new school and I already have 2 weeks’ vacation."
Raz: "Anyway, you were saying about Tony Jet?"
Jet: "Well, he also has a power. He can manipulate his bone structure, making for spikes to come out of his body."
Raz: "So the bones go through his flesh?! Shouldn't he have wounds or something??"
Dodjer: "Not unless it instantly heals. Which means he has a more rapid healing factor than any of us do."
Jet: "Great..."
Sly: "Wait, if both Ranox and Tony have powers, then there's no doubt Tyson must have one as well."
Dodjer: "I haven't picked up any signs of him having a power, but you might be right none the less."
Sly: "Well, power or not, I'm gonna wipe the floor with him!"
Dodjer: "First you need to heal up. Then we'll see how things go."
Sly: "Great. Stuck at home for 2 fucking weeks."
Steve: "Well, we'll visit and bring you all the homework you love so much. Very Happy"
Sly: "You can visit, but the homework you can bring for my fireplace Very Happy"

Everyone starts to laugh, but Dodjer simply smiles. He quickly looks more serious again, seemingly having a lot on his mind.

Raz: "Well we should get going. We'll stop by in time. Later Sly"
Steve: "See ya man! Heal fast!"
Jet: "Bye Sly."
Dodjer: "Goodbye."

All 4 walk out the door, heading for home.

Mrs. R: "Have your friends left?"
Sly: "Yes mom they're gone. They're gonna come visit from time to time though."
Mrs. R: "Good, then you won't miss out on any homework."
Sly: "Uuuughh, mooooom! Djeez."

To Be Continued

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Chapter 6: A Shocking Link

3 weeks have passed since the latest incident. Sly is back up and healed and going to school once more.
Out on the schoolyard, he meets up with his friends again.

Sly: "Hey guys!"
Steve: "Hey Slyman! Welcome back!"
Raz: "Hey Sly!"
Jet: "Yo man, good to see you again."
Dodjer: "Fully healed I see."
Sly: "Yep, I'm back to the old days. So! What'd I miss?"
Raz: "Well, you'll love this. Tyson's got a whole semester of detention AND he had to polish the entire gym floor!"
Sly: *lols*
Steve: "Though don't pick any fights with him during school time. Otherwise the principal will punish you as well."
Sly: "Noted. I need to train again anyway. I've been out for 3 weeks and I can feel it!"
Dodjer: "Don't be a fool. You can't take him."
Sly: "Huh?"

Along with Sly, the other 3 also look confused at Dodjer.

Sly: "How would you know?"
Dodjer: "A few days ago I picked up some info on Tyson. You were right. He does have an ability."
Steve: "Damn, so it's true after all."
Raz: "So, what can he do?"
Dodjer: "He has the strange ability to make his body parts rotate at high speed individually."
Sly: "What does that have to do with anything? I could still take him! I dodged him with ease in the cafeteria, then floored him with 1 kick."
Dodjer: "Yes you did, but you wouldn't be able to knock him out. You're more agile then he is, true, but with a few strong punches, with his ability, you'd be damaged severely in no time."
Jet: "Wow..."
Dodjer: "In your current state, you can't take him. Not you, not any of you."

All look slightly stumped by these words.

Steve: "Wait, so you're saying he's a lot stronger than us?"
Dodjer: "Physically, yes. He has a physical power, you don't. He trains more then you guys. A lot more."
Jet: "Well I can see that happening. I don't exactly do power training here."
Raz: "I think I should at least have a chance."
Dodjer: "You might, if you were able to use your metal to protect your body."
Raz: "...right, which I can't fully yet."
Sly: "Nggg, well I'm gonna train then! No matter what it takes, I'll get back at him!!"
Dodjer: "Good, you have spirit. Then after school, I will introduce you to someone."
Jet: "And who might that be?"
Dodjer: "A friend of mine. He will lighten things up for you guys."
Sly: "Sure I'll go."
Steve: "Count me in."
Raz: "I'm game!"
Jet: "So am I!"
Dodjer: Smile "Just as I expected."


After school, our group gathers at the gates.

Dodjer: "Follow me."

And so, our group follows Dodjer, who walks into the large city, filled with tall buildings.

Sly: "The city huh?"
Jet: "Your friend lives here then?"
Dodjer: "No, he lives on the other side of the planet."

All stop and look shocked at Dodjer.

Steve: "What!? The other side of the planet!?"
Raz: "And how exactly are we planning on getting there."
Dodjer: "You'll find out soon enough. We're almost where we need to be."

Without further questioning, they all follow once more. After a few minutes, Dodjer walks into an alley with a dead end.

Sly: "It's a dead end..."
Dodjer: "Hold on."

Dodjer reaches into his pocket and takes out his cell phone.
He dials a number and starts calling.

Dodjer: "It's me. We need a ride to Ed."

Sly looks questioning at Steve, who's standing next to him.

Sly: "Ed?"
Steve: "I dunno."
Dodjer: "Yeah, I'll send you a picture, hold on."

With the camera equipped on the back of his cell phone, Dodjer photographs the alleyway.
With a few button taps, he sends the picture to the person on the other side of the line.

Suddenly, a pinkish-purple portal opens up at the end of the alley.

Jet: "Wohw."

Then, a girl comes walking through the portal, approximately 20 years old. She is white skinned with a light tan, stands at 1m67, has slightly dark pink hair, stuck up in 2 pigtails on each side at the back (slightly on top). Over her forehead, she has a few thin locks hanging, separated. She has dark blue eyes, wearing purple-pink eye shadow and mascara along with purple lip-gloss. Furthermore she wears white/pink sportshoes, a tight fitting purple jeans, an orange-red top which leaves her belly nude and only crosses her left shoulder. She also wears dark-purple combat gloves on her hands that cover her wrists as well.

Dodjer: "Guys, meet Linda Port, a.k.a. Link"
Linda: "Call me Link, never Linda. Unless you want to wake up in the middle of a dangerous forest, 1000 km away from the nearest civilization."

With an innocent look, she smiles at our group.

All: *gulp* "Okay..."
Dodjer: "Follow me guys."

Dodjer walks up to the portal, the others slowly, with a little hesitation, follow.
Link is the last to walk back through before we see the portal closing.


In a laboratory, we join up again with our group as the portal just closes behind Link.

Dodjer: "Yo Ed!"

On top of a staircase, leading to the 2nd floor that can overview the first, we hear objects falling on the floor.

Dodjer: "Ed?"
Link: "Professor McOwen?"

Link and Dodjer run in slight panic up the staircase, follow quickly by Sly, Raz, Steve & Jet. Once arriving at the top, they see a man in a lab coat searching for a book in his bookcase, simply dropping the ones he picked wrongly.

Dodjer: "Ed, what the hell are you doing?"

The man called Ed turns around.

Ed: "Dodjer! How good to see you again my boy!"

Ed is a white 57 year old male standing at 1m77, with white-grey hair that flows towards the back, reaching to his shoulders. On the front, 2 locks spread out to the side and he has 2 side burns on his face. He also wears rectangular glasses.
Furthermore he wears a simple black shirt, on top of a 3/4 dark blue pants that have flames on the bottom, rising up. Over this, he wears a white lab coat. On his feet he wears blue sneakers with yellow markings.

Ed walks up to Dodjer and shakes his hand in happiness.

Dodjer: "Yes it has been a while. I'd like you to meet some friends of mine. Guys, this is Professor Edward McOwen. Ed, meet Sly, Steve, Jet and Raz."
Ed: "How do you do?"

All nod while raising their hand to say hello.
Dodjer then pushes Ed along with him so they can talk in silence without the others hearing it.

Dodjer: "They all have powers, I need you to take a look at how their powers work. It might help them get more control."
Ed: "Good, good. I'm glad you brought them then. My research on Evolutionairies is making great progress!"
Dodjer: "Before you start with your whole research thing, I need you to have a look at Sly. Err...the white haired kid."

Ed looks, in a quickie, over his shoulder to glance at Sly.

Ed: "What about him."
Dodjer: "He has a power but he doesn't know. Nor does it surface, unless he's angry."
Ed: "Hmm, a dormant power. You've come to the right person."
Dodjer: "I've come to the only person that can jumpstart latent or dormant powers."
Ed: ^_^ Smile "How very true!"

Both turn around again towards our group.

Ed: "Well then, let's have a look. Sly could you lie down on the table over there please.

Sly looks in wonder at the others.

Sly: "Euhm...what for?"
Ed: "Don't worry, I won't hurt you or anything."
Dodjer: "We'll tell you in a moment."

Suspicious, Sly complies.

Sly: "...Alright."

Sly puts himself down on a metal "table" when Ed comes rolling his way on a small stool on wheels.

Ed: "Try to relax."
Sly: "What're you..."

Ed holds his hands out over Sly's head and starts to concentrate by closing his eyes.

Sly: "What is he doing?"
Ed: "Yes it's true...hmmm. He has a power."
Sly: "WHAT!?"

Sly shoots up, knocking away Ed's hands. The others look slightly shocked.

Ed: "Please, ah...don't do that again when I'm focusing."
Sly: "I- I...have a power?!"
Ed: "Yes but now please, lie down again."

Amazed, Sly lies down again. Ed moves his hands over Sly's head once more, closing his eyes once more.

Ed: "Yes, there it is. Strange, it seems to be waiting for something. Something to happen before releasing itself."
Dodjer: "It starts surfacing when he gets angry."
Steve: "So that's what happened!"
Dodjer: "Yes, but be quiet now please."

Ed opens his eyes again and retracts his hands. In deep thoughts, he sits upright.

Ed: "Dodjer, can I talk to you for a second."

Ed walks with Dodjer a few meters away from the others.

Ed: "This power, I'm not sure if we should bring it out."
Dodjer: "What do you mean?"
Ed: "I'm not certain, but I do know that, if I release it and he can't control it, the consequences could be disastrous."
Dodjer: o_o; "You mean he's not ready?"
Ed: "I'm not saying that. That's up to the boy. He must know if he's ready or not. I'm just giving you a warning."
Dodjer: "You should tell him then, not me."
Ed: "Alright then."

And so, Ed tells Sly what he told Dodjer.

Sly: "I can do it. I want to do it. I'm sure I can maintain it."
Dodjer: "I'll help him in any way I can to teach him."
Ed: "Dodjer, this is his decision, not yours."
Sly: "Doc. I can do it."

Ed looks questioning, but agrees none the less.

Ed: "Alright then. But remember, from the moment you can feel it rising, take control!"

Sly looks very determent.

Sly: "I will!"
Ed: "Right then."

Ed pushes himself off with his seat and rolls over to Sly's head.

Ed: "You all might wanna take a few steps back."
Steve: "Huh? Why?"
Ed: "The power inside might should I put it....err...violently. That's why he must gain control the instant it surfaces."
Link: "Oi Professor, what about you!?"
Ed: "Not to worry Link. I'm sure I'm safe where I am now. Usually powers surface through the hands, though I appreciate your concern."
Link: "Well, alright then."

Everyone takes a few steps back.

Raz: "Will it hurt him?"

Ed remains silent for a while.

Ed: "I cannot say..."
Sly: "No worries, I'm sure I can take it if it were to hurt."
Ed: "Well, let's begin then. I think it'll be best if you close your eyes."

Sly complies and so, Ed puts his hand over Sly's head once more and begins to concentrate. Only this time, a light-blue glow starts to emit from his palms.

We can see Sly beginning to frown, twitching with his eyebrows a bit. Ed also is seen frowning, as he seems to be very concentrated.

Suddenly, the lights begin to blink. Everyone looks in shock as electricity sparks start to come off all lights and electric devises.

Dodjer: "It's happening."

The electricity from all around starts to get more intense as the lights begin blink harder. Everyone starts backing up slowly, until the can go no further. A sudden electricity chain strikes Sly on the hands as everyone slightly squats from surprise.

Ed: "Sly! Gain control!"

Sly's eyebrows are still twitching, now more intensely then before.
The electricity becomes more intense and from practically all electric devises, the electricity starts striking on Sly's body. His body is now almost fully covered by sparks connecting between his legs, springing off his arms, making contact with the surrounding air.

Ed releases his focus and backs off as he seems to be done with the process.

Ed: "I'm finished, it's all up to him now."

Sly's eyes suddenly open with blank eyes.

Sly: "Uuaaahh!!!"

A surge of power lights the whole darkened room before it all vanishes and it becomes quiet. Little sparks are seen coming off some devices in the now darkened room.

Steve's lighter suddenly lights up and a larger fireball is made in his hand.

Steve: "Light anyone?"

Then, moaning is heard.
Steve slowly walks over to the table, only to see Sly sitting up, rubbing his head.

Sly: "Man what a wild ride..."
Dodjer: "You did it."
Ed: "Phew..."

Sly then looks around.

Sly: "Sorry about your lab..."
Ed: "Oh it's only a little mess. I've had worse."
Link: "I'll go see if I can fix the power. It probably just overloaded and went off due to the safety switch."
Dodjer: "That won't do you any good. The lights are broken from the overload anyway."
Sly: "Héh...sorry."
Ed: "It's not your fault my boy. This mess will be fixed in a jippy, so don't worry."
Sly: "Thanks Doc. Man, I can feel the power running through my body."
Steve: "Quite a feeling huh."
Sly: "I'll say!"
Ed: "All good and well but you must be careful. It's not because you can maintain your power, that you have it under complete control, if you know what I mean."
Sly: "I think so yes. I won't zap anyone by accident."
Ed: "Now that we've done all that, I'm gonna take a few samples of your blood to see what kind of powers we're dealing with here."
Sly: "Wohw!? Taking blood? As in...needles?"
Steve: "Isn't it obvious what I can do."
Ed: "No, no, no, not like that. Besides, I also need it for my research on Evolutionairies."
Jet: "I'm sorry, Evo-what now?"
Dodjer: "Evolutionairies. It's what they call people with powers these days."
Raz: "First time hearing about that."
Dodjer: "It's a term given to us only recently."

Ed then takes some needles out.

Ed: "Alright, who's first?"
Sly: "Ah man!! I hate needles."
Raz: "I'll go first."
Ed: "Alright., the lucifer, err..."
Steve: "It's Steve."
Ed: "Right, I'm sorry. Euh Steve could I have a little more light over here please."

Steve walks over to Raz and Ed and holds out his hand with the fireball.
Ed then inserts the needle in Raz' arm and withdraws some blood.

Ed: "There we go, first one's done."

Suddenly another light is seen, but this one is white and brighter. As they all turn towards it, they see Sly with his fist surrounded in electricity.

Sly: "Hey I think I'm getting the hang of it."

Suddenly, he accidentally fires a stream of electricity forward against a metal cupboard.

Sly: "...oopsy..."

Sly quickly tucks his hand away.

Sly: "Héh...I'm just gonna...."
Dodjer: "Yeah..."
Sly: "...yeah."

Soon enough, both Jet and Sly also have their blood drawn.

Sly: "Ahw man...this really smarts!"

Then lastly, it's Steve's turn.

Ed: "Alright, now it'll take me a while before I'll have all information and data on your powers."
Steve: "How long is 'a while'?"
Ed: "A few months."
All 4: "What!?"
Ed: "Well of course, I have to run a lot of tests and all..."
Dodjer: "It's fine Ed. In the meanwhile, I'll teach Sly how to control his power better."
Sly: "Héhé...yeah, good idea. ^_^;"
Dodjer: "Link, could you bring them home."
Link: "Happy to. I'll just drop you guys back in that alley is that alright?"
Jet: "Yeah sure, no problem."
Steve: "I'm alright with that."
Link: "Alright then. I'll see you in a few professor."
Ed: "Yes Link, see you in a few."

Link walks back down the stairs and opens another portal.

Link: "Off you go."
Dodjer: "Oh Sly! Try not to use your powers tonight alright and don't tell your parents!"
Sly: "Why not?"
Dodjer: "Trust me, it's best they don't know for now."
Sly: "Alright. See ya!"
Steve: "Later!"
Jet: "Adios!"
Raz: "Bye."

All 4 walks through the portal that exits back in the alley. From there, they all split and make their way home.

To be continued...

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Chapter 7: Teaching The Basics

A few days after our friends have met with Professor Edward McOwen and Link, we join up with Steve, Raz and Jet in the gym.

Steve: "Ugh, ngg. Ugh, ngg. Ugh, ngg. Phew, I'm taking a break."

With a towel around his neck, picking up a water bottle from the floor as he walks off the weight lifting gear, Steve walks over to Raz and Jet who are running on the machine.

Jet: "Damn *pant* I should've done this sooner."
Raz: "Same *pant* I'm not used to this anymore...lifting weight sure, but running...oh man."
Steve: "Héhé, yeah. If we do this about 3 times a week, we should make good progress."
Raz: "Only 3 times? Why not more?"
Steve: "Well, we do still need time for our homework and we don't wanna overwork our muscles. We can start out with 3 times a week, then make it more."
Jet: "I'm with Steve *pant*"

Jet is sweating heavily, seemingly not used to the heavy training.

Raz: "You ok Jet? Maybe you should take a break."
Jet: *pant* "Maybe... *pant* ...I should."

Jet stops the machine, and takes a break. He quickly leans against Raz' machine.

Steve: "We're gonna train ya good Jet. You'll become stronger in no time."
Jet: "Yeah...not used to this."
Raz: "Don't forget, Sly will probably join us too."
Steve: "That's good. A joint training is a lot more fun than a lonesome one."
Jet: "Here, here."
Raz: "Speaking of which, where is Sly anyway? Wasn't he coming already today?"
Steve: "Nah, Dodjer wanted to teach him to control his power. You know, the basics."
Raz: "Right..."

Raz then stops running as well.

Raz: "Time for a break. Let's go have a drink."
Jet: "I'm all for that."
Steve: "You really need to work on your stamina Jet."
Jet: "I know...*inhales deeply* I know."


Meanwhile, at Dodjer's place, Dodjer is training Sly in a large courtyard.

Dodjer: "Alright Sly. Again, try to bring out your power...SLOWLY. Then focus to keep it from firing out of control."
Sly: "I'm trying."

Sly holds out his right arm, palm open, pointing up. Electricity starts surging over his hand, between his fingers.

Dodjer: "That's easy. Easy..."

Suddenly, a beam shoots out, straight up into the sky.

Dodjer: "Agh..."
Sly: "I almost had it!"
Dodjer: "Again!"
Sly: "Ah man...can't we take a small break. We've been at it for hours."
Dodjer: "And you still can't keep your power under control when letting it out."
Sly: "But I'm close! An hour ago it just shot out from the start. Now it doesn't anymore."
Dodjer: "No! We continue! Look it's not that hard to do. You just have to concentrate."

Dodjer holds out his palm, same way Sly does. Within a few seconds, a dark substantial energy ball floats above Dodjer's palm.

Dodjer: "See, it's not that hard."
Sly: "Not if you're used to it..."
Dodjer: "True, but I too had to train to get it under control."
Sly: "But you're making a ball."
Dodjer: "Well then you try making one. Though I'd be surprised if you can keep your electricity in a single electro-ball but not keep it in your hand...."

Sly again holds out his palm and starts to concentrate very hard. Though after a few seconds...nothing happens.

Sly: "Euhm..."
Dodjer: "What?"
Sly: "I'm out of power."
Dodjer: *sigh* "Not again..."
Sly: "Well I don't wanna sap off too much. I dunno how much my body can hold right now."
Dodjer: "You can at least try to conserve your energy."
Sly: "Isn't that why I'm learn that."
Dodjer: >__> "Alright, point taken."
Sly: "This keeps tingling every time I do it."

Sly walks over to a plug on the wall, protected by a cover for outside use. Sly opens the cover up and holds out his fingers near the plug.
Streams of electricity start making contact with his fingers.

Sly: "Though it tingles, it feels so good at the same time. makes me so lively."
Dodjer: "One day you might not have to charge up anymore."
Sly: "How's that."
Dodjer: "Perhaps one day your body might be able to generate it by itself."
Sly: "That'd be cool."
Dodjer: "But for that, we'll need to train a lot!"
Sly: "Right. I think I've absorbed enough now."
Dodjer: electric bill will be over the top...

Sly walks away from the plug again, releasing the cover which automatically closes over the plug.

Dodjer: "Alright, let's see you creating an orb."
Sly: "Right!"

Again, he holds out his palm and starts to concentrate. Sparks once more appear between his fingers and over his entire hand, litting it up.

Dodjer: "Now, focus!"

Concentrating hard again, Sly makes the electricity gather in the centre of his palm. To Dodjer's amazement, Sly's actually forming a ball of electricity, and keeping it stable.

Dodjer: How the hell is he doing this if he can't keep the electricity from surging out. Unless he gains more control every time he charges up....

Sly: "Look! I'm doing it!"

Sly holds out his arm in pride, showing a nice electric orb sparkling in his palm.

Dodjer: "Good Sly! Now turn your palm forward and fire it straight in the form of a beam. But! Try to keep the electricity maintained in the beam so it doesn't fly to all sides!"
Sly: "Got it!"

And so be said, so be done. Sly starts to turn his palm with the orb around, so it faces forward. Raising his arm a bit, so it will fly skywards, Sly keeps his concentration high.

Dodjer already starts taking a few steps to the side, in case it would go wrong.

Dodjer: "Now, concentrate and fire."

Sly tightens his vision and releases the bolt of electricity which indeed fires straight forward, like a focused beam.

Dodjer: "Incredible..."
Sly: "Whohow!! I did it!"
Dodjer: "Good! AGAIN!"

Sly's moment of joy quickly passes.

Sly: "Ahw man..."

With crossed arms and a supervising frown, Dodjer smiles.


Meanwhile, in one of the less, good looking outside neighbourhoods of the city, we find some familiar people sitting in an abandoned old house on some old, worn out couches.

Ranox: "Man, I'm so bored!"
Tony: "So what's the plan Tyson?"
Tyson: "I don't know yet. I'm waiting for that as well."

Suddenly a voice speaks up from a dark corner of the room. A male voice by the sound of it, and not a teenager either.
All we see is a shade, but it's too dark to make a clear image of who’s standing there.

???: "So inpatient."

All 3 startle, jumping up to their feet.

???: "No need to stand up, it's only me."
Tyson: "Man I hate it when you do that boss."
Tony: "Yeah, my heart nearly popped out."

All 3 sit...or mostly lay down again.

Ranox: "So what's with the meeting boss?"
???: "You've all hated that school right?"
Tyson: "Oh I've hated it alright. They've flunked me again on my biology test from Thursday. My school results suck and it's entirely the teacher's fault!!"
???: "Héhéhé, calm down Tyson. You will get your time."
Tyson: "When!?"
???: "When I say so!"
Tony: "And that Jet! I'm gonna get him too! He'll be begging for mercy when I'm done with him! Nggg!!"
???: "Yes, of course. Dodjer's group. They could be trouble."
Ranox: "We can take them!"
Tyson: "They're easy. But that Dodjer isn't such a weakling."
???: "Let me worry about him. You take care of the others, if they were to interfere."
Ranox: "I'm sure they will."
Tony: "Yeah, count on it."
???: "Then make sure you are ready. Ranox! You need more training! You relu too much on your ability."
Ranox: "..."
???: "Outnumbering someone does not mean you can take them down!"
Tony: "Yeah Ranox, you couldn't even take down Sly."
Ranox: "I'm just not so good at fighting as you guys...that's all."
Tyson: "We'll train him."
Tony: "Yeah, the handy thing with him is, we can teach him multiple things at the same time."
???: "Good. But don't think he's the only one. You need more training too Tony!"
Tony: "If you're talking about the fight with Jet, he got lucky!!"
???: "Did he really? Or were you overconfident!?"

Tony silences.

Tyson: "And work on your aim."
Tony: "Alright, alright."
???: "I've also taken interest in a young girl that also attends your school."
Tyson: "Since when are you interested in teenage girls."
???: "Since they have a power! She might be useful if she's willing to join us."
Tony: "And how do we get her to join us?"
???: "I'm sure we can find some form of...persuasion."

We can hear the mysterious person laughing silently.

Ranox: "And who might this girl be?"
???: "Roan Power."


Many hours later, the sun has already started to set, Sly and Dodjer are still busy when Sly's cell phone rings.

Sly: "Yeah?"

On the other side, Sly's mother is calling.

Sly: "Alright... Yeah, I'll be there in a few."
Dodjer: "Your mom?"
Sly: "Yeah, gotta go home. Dinner's on the table."

Dodjer walks over to Sly and pats him on the shoulder.

Dodjer: "Well, you did good today. Just a bit more training and you got the basics under control."
Sly: "Too bad I can't train at home."
Dodjer: "Well you best start training on other stuff now."
Sly: "Yeah I know. The others are already hitting the gym. I gotta join them or I'll fall behind."
Dodjer: "Right. I'll see you on Monday then. Take a full day of rest tomorrow. It's Sunday then after all."
Sly: "I will. Later Dodjer. See you at school."
Dodjer: "Yeah, see ya."

And so, Sly leaves, making his way home again.
After a few minutes, he arrives at his door, panting from the long run.

Sly: "Wohw, I got here a lot faster than I thought. I never knew I could run that fast."

Then, Sly opens the door, shouts that he's home and closes the door behind him.

To Be Continued...

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Chapter 8: The Newest Member

Dodjer: "Good Jet! Keep kicking. Harder! Come on!"

After a few weeks, Dodjer and the others are seen training in what looks like a martial arts training room.
Dodjer is strapped with cushions on his legs, arms and hands for Jet to punch and kick against. At the moment, he's doing some low kicks to the legs.

Dodjer: "Good. Take a break Jet. You're making excellent progress."

Jet is breathing heavily, from the excessive training, and covered in sweat.

Jet: "Thanks."
Dodjer: "After your break we'll try some high kicks. So you best get stretching'"
Jet: "Right."
Dodjer: "Alright. Steve!"

Steve, who's busy punching against a punching bag, stops when he hears his name.

Steve: "Yo!"
Dodjer: "With me."

Steve walks over to Dodjer.

Dodjer: "Alright. High kick, right leg, let's see it 20 times"
Steve: "Right."

Steve takes a firm stance and steps forward making a high kick with his right leg against Dodjer's left arm, kicking on the cushion.

Meanwhile, in the same room, we see Jet stretching his leg muscles, Sly doing some rope-skipping and Raz is lifting some small weights on a bench.

Steve: "18...*huff*...19! *huff*... 20!!"
Dodjer: "Good. Rest for a minute, then 20 with the left."
Steve: "Gotcha."

Steve relaxes, breathing deeply in through his nose and out his mouth to gain control over his breathing.

Steve: "We're making good progress."
Dodjer: "We are indeed. And Jet is a natural fighter. His training is progressing greatly!"
Steve: "Yep."
Dodjer: "Sly!"

Sly stops jumping with the rope when he hears his name.

Dodjer: "Gimme 50 push ups!"
Sly: *pant* "Right!"
Dodjer: "Alright Steve, minute's up. Left leg, high kick. 20 times."
Steve: "Right on!"

Steve takes on his fighting pose again but this time steps forward on his right leg and swings his left up, kicking against Dodjer's right arm.

Dodjer: "Good. Keep going. Try kicking as hard as you can."

Steve focuses on both his breathing and his kicks as we see him huffing concentrated.

Dodjer: "Raz. 200 jumps on the rope!"
Raz: "Ah man, I prefer the weights."
Dodjer: "NOW!"

Raz puts down the small halters and picks up the rope Sly was jumping with earlier. Raz then starts at a rapid pace.

Raz: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,..."
Sly: "44...45...46"
Steve: "19! *huff, huff* 20!!"

Dodjer: "Good. Rest a bit, unless you feel like lifting some light weights."
Steve: "Yeah I'll do just that."
Dodjer: "Good. Jet! You're up."
Jet: "On my way!"
Sly: "50 push ups, all done!"
Dodjer: "Good. Now give me 50 sit ups!"
Sly: "Only 50?"
Dodjer: "Alright then, do a hundred."

With a grin on his face, Sly rubs his hands.

Sly: "Now we're talkin'!"
Raz: "96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105,..."
Dodjer: "Right. Ok Jet, high kick, right leg, 20 times, just like Steve did."
Jet: "20 high kicks, coming right up!"

And so, Jet does what Steve just did, and starts kicking away.

Dodjer: "Come on Jet! Don't hold back! I'm not even feeling this!"

Jet focuses harder and starts increasing his kicking strength.

Steve: Héh, Jet's really making progress. Smile
Sly: 44...45...46...47...48...49...50...51...52...53...54...
Dodjer: "Sly, after you're done, 10 back flips. Raz, you too!"
Sly/Raz: "Gotcha."

Jet: "14 *huff* ...15! *huff* ...16!"
Dodjer: "Good Jet, don't stop now, keep going!"
Jet: "17! *huff, huff* 18! *huff, huff* 19! *huff, huff* 20!!"
Dodjer: "Good. Rest for a minute, then the other leg. Same thing, same amount."
Jet: "R-right..."
Dodjer: "You're stamina's improving Jet."
Jet: "I know. Héh. Great isn't it?"

Dodjer nods with a satisfied smile.

Dodjer: "Mmhmm."
Sly: "100!"
Raz: "Done too. 200 jumps."
Dodjer: "Right, start the back flips whenever you feel ready."

Sly and Raz start stretching a bit with their arms, to keep their shoulders loose.

Jet: "Ok, I'm good to go again."
Dodjer: "Good. Then let's see it!"

Jet takes place again in front of Dodjer, and starts his high kick session with his left leg.
After 1 kick, we hear a doorbell ringing.

Dodjer: "Oh, I almost forgot. Take 5 guys, I'll be right back."

Dodjer takes off his cushion gear and walks out the dojo and we see he's inside a house. Nothing fancy.
He then walks up to the front door and opens up.

Dodjer: "Hi, come on in."

As Dodjer takes a step to the side to let his guest in, we see Roan walking in with a bag in her hand, all dressed in a white/pink training outfit.

Roan: "What's with the toothpick?"
Dodjer: "Hm?"

Dodjer looks down at the toothpick he's nibbling on every time.

Dodjer: "Oh this. Just a habit of mine. So, you ready?"
Roan: "Yeah."
Dodjer: "Follow me then. Oh and don't mind the others, I'm just training them too."
Roan: "What others?"

As Dodjer steps back inside the training room, followed by Roan, she quickly understands.

Dodjer: "Everyone, you all might know Roan Power. She's here to learn some martial arts."

With a slight blush, Roan greets.

Roan: "Hi."
Steve: "Hey Roan."
Raz: "Hi."
Jet: "Hello."
Sly: "Hi there."
Dodjer: "Take off your shoes and we'll get started in an instant."
Roan: "Okay."

Dodjer puts his cushion gear back on to continue his session with Jet.

Dodjer: "Alright Jet, 19 more to go, let's go."

Though Jet has to focus on his kicks, the other 3 can't help but look at Roan as she takes off her training vest to reveal a black sport top.

Steve: Daymn...
Raz: Damn she's hot. "Err. Let's get back to our back flips Sly. .....Sly?"

Raz looks at Sly but Sly is seen just staring at Roan.
Raz then waves his hand in front of Sly's face.

Raz: "Sly~..."
Sly: "Huh, whut?"
Raz: "Stop staring and get back flipping."
Sly: "I wasn't staring."

And so, Sly and Raz start their back flips.

Jet: "20!"
Dodjer: "Good. Take a break, then do some back flips like Sly and Raz."
Jet: "Right."

Roan has meanwhile walked on to the training mat on her bare feet.

Roan: "Nice place you got here. Is it yours?"
Dodjer: "Yeah, it is."
Roan: "Wow, you must be rich."
Dodjer: "My late uncle was...he left me everything, but I don't really have interest in money."
Roan: "Is that why you don't live in a large fancy house?"
Dodjer: "Pretty much."
Roan: "What about your parents...?"
Dodjer: "They've died a long a time ago..."
Roan: "Oh...I'm sorry."
Dodjer: "It's alright."
Roan: "So, have you taught these guys as well?"
Dodjer: "Well, some of them already have experience on fighting, so there wasn't much to teach them anymore. Only training to improve their techniques and all."
Roan: "I see. Can you also teach me how to fight with knives?"

In a joking tone, Dodjer answers in slight surprise.

Dodjer: "Knives? Wohw, what are you planning to do? Assassinate someone."
Roan: "Hihi, not really. I just like knives and I just want to be able to fight with those weapons."
Dodjer: "I see. Well I can't teach you that."
Roan: "Ahw...that's too bad."
Dodjer: "But I know someone who can."
Roan: Very Happy "Great!" ^_^
Dodjer: "But before the knife training begins, you have a long way of martial arts training to undergo."

Roan nods determent.

Roan: "Right! I'm ready!"
Dodjer: Smile "Good. Err...hold on. Sly, stop day dreaming and go swim some lengths in the pool!!"
Sly: "Ahw man."
Roan: "Hihi."
Raz/Jet/Steve: "Hahaha."
Dodjer: "What are you 3 laughing about? You'll be joining him!"
Raz: "Ahw man."
Steve: "Gah, I'm not a water man..."
Jet: "Ah some refreshment!"

All 4 walk out the room.

Dodjer: "There, now we can start in peace."
Roan: "Don't hold back on your strictness just because I'm a girl!"
Dodjer: "Trust me, I won't."

Meanwhile, in the back yard, all 4 stand at the edge of the large swimming pool in their swimming shorts.

Sly: "Ah, what a nice weather."
Jet: "Gotta agree. Good day for a swim."
Steve: "Well, after that session, I could use a little cooling off."
Raz: "Yeah. Oh and before we jump in. Sly, keep your power inside! I don't wanna get electrocuted."
Sly: "Hey, I have it all under control now."
Raz: "I hope so."
Jet: "Last one in is a rotten egg!!"

With great pleasure, all 4 quickly run towards the pool and jump in, making for a huge splash.

Sly: "Ah the water feels so good."
Steve: "Ya think, I find it a tad too cold."
Raz: "You're a warmth-person Steve and the water's fine. Just enjoy."
Jet: "Didn't Dodjer say we had to swim some laps."
Sly: "In a minute. I'm gonna relax first, this is just too good..."

To Be Continued...
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