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 Holy Evil (warning: may be offensive)

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PostSubject: Holy Evil (warning: may be offensive)   Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:37 pm

Holy Evil.

Chapter 1: Introduction.

We begin in the viewpoint of the main character as she walks down through her neighbourhood, towards where she lives. It’s a bright, sunny day with birds signing and children playing. Mothers are taking relief from the heat inside their homes, but remains close to the windows so that they can see their kids.

“It’s peaceful here, well somewhat anyway.”

Switching to a outside view, we see the women who is speaking. She looks like a young women in her late teens. She wears blue jeans and a greenish T-shirt. Her hair reaches about chest length and is black with brown highlights.

“Now that he is gone, or at least, I hope he is.”

She continues walking down the road. As she does she see’s a little boy taking candy from a tall, non-trusting looking man with a long dirty brown coat. The man gives her a stare as she walks past.

“Children are way to trusting. Something I learned at a young age could get you killed. That day he almost had his way.”

She is about to turn to walk up her driveway when she here’s her name being called from her neighbours house. She looks over to see a boy younger then herself, though still in his teens. He seems to be just out of bed as he is wearing nothing but his pair of boxer shorts.

“Hey Sarah, come over, it’s very important.”

Sarah looks a bit confused as to what would so important that he wouldn’t even take time to get dressed. Still, she quickly ran over, after all, he saved her life once. Sarah reaches the guy’s door and is quickly pulled inside.

“Hey, what the hell Bobby”

Sarah pulled herself out of Bobby’s grip looking rather angry at him. It doesn’t last however as her expression turns to curiosity as Bobby is seen urging Sarah to look at the television. After entering the living room, she see’s what was so urgent. It was him, the police has finally found him.

“After a 8 year man hunt, the rapist father Henry Module, the man wanted for the over 20 deaths in the town of Heaven Dale, has finally been captured.”

The mere sight of this man was enough to strike terror in Sarah's heart, all the memories of her encounter flooding back to her. Though what the news reporter said next was almost enough to put her to tears.

“It’s required that the prime witnesses Sarah Galway and Bobby Regius be brought to the Heaven Dale court yard to convict this man in trial”.

Sarah can’t believe what she’s hearing. She must again face the man that almost killed her and Bobby 8 years ago. Bobby has approached to comfort Sarah, she throw’s herself on him, giving him the biggest hug she had ever given anyone, and starting to cry at the same. Whispering in a fearful voice, she speaks in Bobby’s ear.

“I don’t want to face him again”

Bobby places his hands around her just as a knock is heard on the door.

“Bobby Regius, this is the police”.

Sarah and Bobby looks face to face, the fear in Sarah eyes showing she is still haunted by that day all those years ago. Bobby gives Sarah a faint smile.

“Don’t worry, he can’t hurt us anymore. Let’s just do what we have to do, then this whole ordeal will be behind us forever.”

Another few knocks on the door and Bobby releases Sarah to go answer. As soon as Bobby released Sarah the fear hits her again, and she could not overcome it.

“8 damn years. I had really hoped he would have been found dead somewhere. Yet here I am, about to be forced into the same room as that maniac. Makes me want to run at the mere thought of it. However, I suppose Bobby’s right, he won’t be able to hurt us... I hope.”

Sarah stands motionless in thought for a moment, turning around quickly in fright as a police officer approached from behind. He proceeds to lead her outside where people stare, wondering what is going on. They know it’s serious due to the flashing lights on the police car that Sarah is being lead to. Sarah begins to think to herself as she follows the police officer.

“It’s funny how things change when police are around. Everything comes to a stand still, the guy in the brown coat is nowhere to be seen, and people stare as if they don’t even know who you are”.

When reaching the police car, the officer opens the door, and Sarah get’s into the back seat. The door slamming shut beside her giving her a slight fright. After a few minutes Bobby comes out, dressed in jeans and a black tank top. He sits in the opposite side of the car to Sarah. Lastly, both policemen enter the car. The police officer in the drivers seat turns the key in the ignition and the car roars to life.

Bobby looks over and ask Sarah how she is holding up, she reply’s by saying she is alright, despite her best efforts however, the fear in her voice gives her away. Sarah then feels something and looks down in surprise to see Bobby has taken her hand.

“Hey, relax. I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise.”

With these words Sarah let’s out a light smile as she say’s “thank you”, though there is no hiding the fact that she is still well afraid.


To the story universe.
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Posts : 207
Join date : 2008-12-31
Age : 30
Location : Newfoundland

PostSubject: Re: Holy Evil (warning: may be offensive)   Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:07 am

Chapter 2: Hit and run.

So here I am, in the back seat of this police car. Despite Bobby’s words, I can’t help but feel this day will end bad

Sarah looks over to Bobby, giving him a fake smile so to put on the illusion that everything is ok.

I’m just trying to understand why they need us there. They already know what the guy did, and has photos to prove it. Well, all this worrying isn’t going to help any.

The police car leaves the open neighbourhood, entering a small tall. The place is full of mainly five or six story buildings, garages, and stores. It’s busy, yet not to busy. Still, you’d never worry cause someone is always around.

“Young lady” the police office in the passenger seat say’s to Sarah. “Yes” Sarah replies nervously. “Are you sure your up to this?” he asked in a somewhat concerned voice. “Yes, I’ll be alright” Sarah replied in a uneasy tone.

Now of course I’m not alright about this, but what can happen... right?

Before long the police car comes to a gentle stop outside the police station. The building appears to be about two stories in height, and is faced with brick. Just above the main entrance is a large blue sign in the shape of a police badge.

“Where here” the officer in the driver seat said as he got out of the car. The officers let Sarah and Bobby out of the back seat, they are about to head in when the sound of gunfire brings them to a sudden stop. “Get behind the car” one of the officers say’s as he draw’s his gun. He runs inside as Sarah and Bobby duck down behind the drivers side of the car, safe from any stray bullets. “Stay here” the second officer said as he to headed inside, drawing his pistol on route.

“Bobby, I’m scared. He’s coming for us, I know he is.”

Bobby embraces Sarah in his arms again. “Hey, don’t worry” Bobby said in a calm voice.

“He’s in a building full of armed police, the guy isn’t going anywhere.”

Sarah, a lot calmer, but still frightened, holds on tightly to Bobby.

“Stay beside me, please” Sarah say’s in a almost begging tone. “Of course, I wouldn’t leave you” Bobby replied as calmly as possible. After many minutes the gunfire stop’s. “You see” Bobby said in a sure tone “where fine”. A few seconds later, a window burst open on the second floor, showering glass from the sky. Sarah screams and Bobby covers her, protecting her from the falling bits of glass. The next thing that is heard is a load crash in a dumpster on the sidewalk.

“Bobby, what was that?” Sarah asked in a frightened voice.

Bobby raised his head to look over the rear end of the car, what he sees is the man they came to convict, slowly climb out of the dumpster which he must have jumped into. Bobby lowers his head quickly before he is seen.

“Sarah” Bobby whispers very softly “be very quite”.

The man composes himself just as the police storm out. “Freeze” one officer yell’s, yet the once father instead makes a run for it, avoiding gunfire by a mere hair. As he runs across the street, he manages to make eye contact with Sarah. Time seem to slow to a crawl as the man is filled with hate and Sarah is scared stiff with fear. The moment quickly fades however when the police fires more shots in a desperate attempt to stop the madman. The guy seems to stumble slightly a few times, but misses all bullets and reaches a car. “Run” one of the officers said to Bobby and

“Sarah, we have to go” Bobby said urgently, but the mans face is implanted in Sarah thoughts, she is to frightened to even move. There is a roar followed by a load screeching sound as the stolen car moves forward, leaving behind black skid marks as it struggles to find the traction to move ahead. Bobby urgently begs Sarah to stand up as a near by police over urges Bobby to get out of the way. Then there is the gunfire of the police attempting to disable the stolen car, making everyone’s voices almost unhearable.

In the middle of all the confusion, Bobby gets Sarah to her feet, but it is to late as the car is already speeding toward them. The vehicle smashes into the police car at an angle, scraping along the side. Bobby is able to jump up on the police car and roll out of way, but by the time he looks back it is to late. The rampaging car hits Sarah dead on, Sarah hits her head hard on the hood and rolls off the side of the car as it turns back out in the middle of the road. Officers get off a few last shots, breaking out the cars left tail lights, yet failing to stop it.

There, in the middle of the road, Sarah lay motionless. Bobby is the first to her side, the thought that she could be dying bringing him to tears. Yet his begging for her to wake up does not help, and she remains on the cold pavement without the slightest budge. A police officer is seen on a CB radio urgently calling an ambulance to the location of this tragic crime.

“Don’t die, please don’t die” Bobby cry’s out while holding Sarah’s hand. Quickly a police officer lay’s his jacket on Sarah to help keep her warm. He then turns to Bobby and speaks.

“Kid, make sure you don’t move her. We have no way of telling if she got any broken bones causing internal injuries. Leave this to the paramedics.” Bobby nods, tears running down his face.

“I won’t leave your side, I promise” Bobby said in a soft voice.


To the story universe.
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Holy Evil (warning: may be offensive)
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