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 Dark Wars commercial

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PostSubject: Dark Wars commercial   Dark Wars commercial EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 6:32 pm

Dark Wars: Commercial

We start off at mid day overlooking people in a large city walking through the streets, doing what they usually does.

Narrator: There is the world you know.

Then the view blackens out.

Narrator: Then there is the world only few dare venture into.

From the dark we then see sparks, as the view clears, it reveals that it is now night. The sparks are the result of a rain of bullets hitting the edge of a metal dumpster.

Narrator: If you thought there was nothing to fear at night.

We now see a man of 5 foot 5 who has messy brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears an over sized black hoddie with a skull on the back, baggy black pants, and black sneakers. This man jumps out from behind the dumpster returning fire to his opponent.

Narrator: Then you better think a gin.

We now see a male person who has short silver hair and purple eyes, dresses entirely in black, consisting of somewhat loose pants, a plain tank top, and a light jacket. We see him grab the women wist with both hands and flip her overhead. The women who has shoulder-length silver hair and mismatched eyes; one purple and one blue, and wears a dark blue sports bra, black jeans, a brown leather jacket, and white shoes. She lands on her hands and feet 4 feet back and runs in, tackling the man and knocking him over.

Narrator: Cause when light fades to dark.

We see a figure walk out of the shadows, slowly becoming visible. As we get to see him, we see a man of almost 6 feet with a strong build. This guy has slick black hair, red eyes, and also wears a black suit with gold accessories.

Narrator: All hell breaks lose.

We now go into a few of cut senses.

The first shows the same man and women as above. We see the man walking away from the women. The women is seen pushing herself up off the ground and running towards the man.

Man: To late.

The man quickly picks up a sword and stabs it through the women chest, putting her in great pain.

The next sense show’s another man and women. This women has long, dark brown hair and mismatched eyes, one red and one bloodshot blue. Wears white thong undergarments underneath a black fishnet tank top and a dark grey miniskirt. The man wears all black clothing and a jacket with many pockets, he also has a long sword.

We see this women knee the man in the face, making him stumble backwards. The man is seen regaining his footing and running back in, throwing a punch at the women. The women is seen side stepping the attack and hitting the man in the back with an elbow.

Narrator: Although, with innocent lives at risk, there are a group of hero’s determined to keep the good safe, and erase the evil.

We now see a women of 5 foot 7 inches tall and has a slim build. Her hair is a little past shoulder length and black with blue streaks. Her eye pupil's are blue. She wears a all in 1 black suit with blue armor plates on the shoulders, knees, and a more flexible armor on the upper body. Her shoes are black and she wear's black fingerless gloves. She also has weapon's on her, the first is a chain with a blade at the end, the blade part hangs down from her left waist and the chain comes up over her right shoulder and back down. The second is a sword which is connected to the right side of her waist.

Next to her is a white male standing at 1m78. Has brown short-medium spiky hair and brown eyes. He wears a black T-shirt, black pants and black boots along with black combat gloves on his hands. Also wears a long black vest (normal cotton material) to hide his weapons.

We see them both in a large hole, face to face with the silver hair guy from before. As they attack, the view blacks out once a gin.

Narrator: The world you know is only the cover of the book. Beneath, hidden from most peoples eyes, is a world of darkness, pain, deception, and death. Dark Wars.

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Dark Wars commercial
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