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 Rules of the forum.

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Rules of the forum. Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the forum.   Rules of the forum. EmptyFri Feb 13, 2009 2:47 pm

Hello, this is your admin here to give you the rules of this forum.

1) Please remember that the discussion forum is for discussions between the story author's and his or her readers. This is not a general chat forum.

2) Try to keep story's in the proper forums. For example, a mature story does not go into the E rated forum. If a story is misplaced, most times a moderator will simply move it, although repeated misuse of this rule will end up with moderation.

3) Trolling/spamming - Posting for the share purpose to annoy others is against the rules. It's ok to tell someone of error's in their story's, or to even say their story is not the type of thing your into. However I do not want to see "lol your story stinks faggot, get off the forums". These types of comments will result in moderation right away.

Spamming is also strictly against the rules. posting senseless nonsense or disturbing/senseless images is a violation of the rules and will result in moderation.

4) Rudeness - Please try to stay friendly with other members. If you for whatever reason don't like another member, please avoid speaking to him. I want to create a friendly atmosphere here, so any senseless arguments between users will be removed and moderation action could be taken.

5) If you join this site for the purpose to annoy or troll, moderators are allowed to bypass the moderation system and give you an instant banning.

6) Don't get to thinking you can spam by posting senseless story's. Any obivous bullshit stroy's will be deleted.

Rules of the forum. Blue%20Lightning%20over%20water
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Rules of the forum.
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